10 miles to make me cry ;-\


i haven’t been able to really run in a week – i’ve grabbed a couple of quicky workouts, but no asphalt pounding.  till yesterday – my goals?  10 miles.  time with my son.  got them both.  the 10 miles were HARD.  it was hot.  it was HUMID.  it is, for goodness sake, South Louisiana, and summer is coming quickly in a kicking-ass & taking names sort of way.  sigh.

i had to walk several times for brief periods.  i felt like movement was key; i contemplated how badly i would have felt if i quit before the double-digit goal.  i considered how lucky i was to be able to run.  to quit was not not an option.  there are people who would give their arms for my legs.  no taking for granted here.  so, i just cranked up the tunes & got it done.  but on my last 2 miles, i just began to cry.  big cry.  like, if you saw me, you would have been like, wth?  my ipod is filled with everything from the Prayer of St. Francis to L’il Wayne.  However, what made me cry was the beautiful song from Mandeesa (sp?) – He is With You.  Psssh…I KNOW He’s with me!  It was like the tear duct/floodgates opened.  I’m not exactly sure why.  It was good though.  Mother’s Day was an abyssmal failure.  I’m sure I still have bad, pent-up feelings over that.  Stressful times for kids in school, kids not in school…just everything.  I missed my mom.  I was dreading cleaning the floor after buying a new fridge…i know.  i’m…weird.  but a good-weird:)

well, i had to stop running cuz the tears, but i managed.

i made my 10, had a shower, had lunch with my son, then came home and took a very intensive nap!  i slept through my alarm and woke up right in time to go pick up my daughter at the bus stop!

my girls are in finals and there just isn’t enough time in the day to get everything done.  but we manage.  i brought 5th grader home, gave her specific instructions as to what she should/shouldn’t/could/couldn’t do while i drove 25 miles to her school to pick up 6th grader who was there for a math final review.  when i came back, 5th grader was studying for social studies.  the only sketchy thing was, there was a pair of crawfish-eating (latex) gloves next to her…i’m sure she was examining the dog’s teeth.  Lord, i hope that’s what she was doing…

anywho. it’s a new day & i’ve had a quad-kicking 20 minutes so far on the elliptical.  but my bike is beckoning for me…i have 3 hours left till i gotta head out for the girls at school – i really want one of them to be on my bike & then of course, i gotta run to the store – few groceries and Fresh Market – I promised 6th grader pizza from there for dinner – it’s the best!


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  1. I feel good if I can run 10 miles…in a week! 😉 I’m getting there. I talk myself out of stopping on a run in the same way – How would it feel to fall short? A good cry can make things better sometimes.

    Glad you got some time with your son. Sorry you had a sucky Mother’s Day. I’ve learned to have zero expectations and then anything better than an average day is a bonus!

    • LOL! You are so right! We made up for Mother’s Day with out weekend getaway to New Orleans. That was just what I needed. It was peaceful, restful, and full of fun, all at the same time…I hope you had a wonderful day yourself!!!

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