long week…


really long week and it’s just monday.  just stuff.  good stuff.  bad stuff.  unbelievable stuff.  stuff.  as i type, my beautiful son who i am craving time with is at his grandmother’s.  that’s a good thing.  she’s amazing.  i miss her.  but i miss my son.  he’s finished with his first year of college & i just want time with him.

as in a marathon, i continue to put one foot in front of the other.  even when the going gets tough.  i’m not alone, for sure, but sometimes, the lonliness for the simple things – a movie with my son or lunch, or an impromptu swim or bike ride with the kids – all of them preferably – well, that just seems so far away as finals, and in the case of this year, graduation, heats up.  i took the girls to the bus stop this morning & then came home and fell back asleep.  i didn’t get a good night’s sleep at all and that’s pretty rare for me.  i intended to swim for :30 this morning, but lasted :11.  my heart wasn’t in it.  i know that feeling and i don’t get it often.  i back off when it creeps up.

so, here i sit – hat-headed for no good reason.  i kept hoping i’d get a workout in.  had chickfila with hubs for lunch.  NOT my usual.  no workout – NOT my usual – just put the day into a tizzy.  a downspiral, dietarily, really – i had two fiber one chocolate things – 90 calories each.  a microwaved bowl of udon noodles.  which, to my delight, were delish.  i poured milk into the inch-layer of chocolate ice cream that was left by some unsuspecting soul – and made a very tiny chocolate milkshake.  i just went to hell in a handbasket today, i guess.

but the main feeling is just tiredness – wanting the school year to be over.  wanting to feel like i CAN swim a mile before riding for 56 and running for 13.  wondering how it’s all gonna happen – educating my children the way they need AND training for a sure to kick my butt race.  and WHICH race?  not open water as in the ocean…no,  not now.  but a nice body of water somewhere in texas?  yeah, i can see it.  alligator free?  yes!  i’ll take it!  i guess that’s my mental vacation when i need it…knowing i can work toward a goal…there i said it, a GOAL…despite what is happening around me.

i won’t yuck-out today, because it is certainly a gift – hubs and i went to the mall and even went plant shopping.  he even came to the makeup counter with me and bought my chanel foundation 🙂

i just feel these loose ends – my son – flying away behind me, and i have every intention to grab them and re-secure them.

i’m probably not making much sense right now…

i am also considering keeping baby girl home tomorrow so i can help her prepare for finals…my calls for help go unanswered…a momma’s gotta do what a momma’s gotta do…which, clearly means, i probably won’t get a workout in again.

which makes me believe even more strongly in the fact that i seriously NEED the Tour de France bike  trainer, generation 2. i think there are 6 easy payments.  🙂  i can do that.

so, not amazing, sweat reports today.  much to my dismay.

Oh, Lord, please increase my faith.  He will, ya know…

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