Getting to the end of the school year, thank You God…son made it back safely from hangout festival…I think if I really stopped…for longer than I do, well, something crazy would happen…I just don’t know what. Step-son graduates on Tuesday….wow. Another bird flying away….another wonderful, capable bird….

Me….I’ve been attacking swimming for the nemesis that it has been for me…guess what?! I’m winning!!! When I look at my training log, I see so many swim workouts! I love it!!! Plus, my daughters each separately told me something wonderful – little one reminded me of last year being afraid to put my face in the water. Yes, that sucked. I was frozen. I didn’t know how to breathe and move at the same time. I couldn’t stand that feeling. Then, today, bigger girl was doing laps with me like she so often does, and she told me at the endof one of those laps, “mom, you got so FAST!!!” huh?! Me?! What an amazing feeling from someone I admire so much….

I really do aspire to a full ironman…with each workout in the pool, overcoming that initial freak-out feeling gets easier and easier as my own competence builds.

I love this time in life. Things are far from perfect. Really far. But if we can’t appreciate the goodness we have around us, on any given day, what good is it? I could list a crazy list of what is wrong, and you’d be like…wwwwhat?! But I can’t dwell. And I can trust. In Him. He’s got me. And I’ve got Him.

Meantime, I’m gonna keep on….I’m so happy my son is sleeping here at home tonight. I’m so happy we – hubs and I -have a handle on baby girls education – we’ve probably given more thought to some of her classes than her actual teacher – wow. I’m even happy my brother who pisses me off so badly is alive…I’m happy Neville is sleeping outside and hubs is snoring away as I type this on my iPhone:))))

So peace out and be thankful. Tomorrow is not guaranteed…say whatcha gotta say and do what you gotta do. I know God has my feet planted right where He wants….if He’s happy, I’m happy….and I believe we are:)


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