less power…not powerless ;)


yesterday was long & busy.  i don’t do well sitting in one place for very long & yesterday, that’s mostly what i did.  i managed to get a quick late run in right at dusk, which was a beautiful surprise, expecially with my daughter on her bike beside me.

today…i knew i’d wanna jump on my bike.   i knew i’d wanna take tomorrow off because on Sunday morning, i’m running a trail 5K at my daughter’s school.  i always take off the day before a race, big race or small race.  just a good idea, i think.

got on my bike & wasn’t feeling the power surge i normally feel.  i had fuel in the tank – strawberry/banana smoothie made by yours truly…hmmmm….wazzup?  i cut myself the slack that i obviously needed & decided just to enjoy my planned ride, no pressure to stay close to 20mph.  i managed 20 miles, but it took me 1:20, just shy of 15 mph.  then i ran. 3 & 1/2 miles at 10+ pace.  i’m not sad.  i’m not disappointed.  i’m fine.  i got a great, BIG exercise in that i’ve wanted to do for a couple of weeks.  i haven’t done back to back workouts in a good while, so i was pretty happy to go through the paces.  it felt good.  i enjoyed myself.  and now? shower!  and another smoothie!

oh, can we talk?  my * arrived a WEEK LATE!  so, yeah, that’s always a factor, i don’t care what anyone says.  it’s a factor for ME!

and, since i’m going down the more-information-than-you-care-to-know-lane, leave this post unless you have the same, sometimes off-color humor as me.  i’ll wait…k, so it’s just us, right????

during that quick run last night, i ran with hand weights.  when we got to the furthest point of my run, i had an urge to PURGE.  i told my daughter, “i need a bathroom.”  she retorted, “ME TOO!!!”  “Think we can make it back to the house?”  “Maybe we should find a tree?!”  “No, that would not be cool.”  we trudged on & raced each other into the house to take care of…business…hubs asked how my run was & i told him, “great.  but if i had known the load i was carrying in my lower intestines, i never would have carried hand-weights.”  the look on his face?  oh, it was great.  so glad i shared that with him…he did laugh, by the way; after all, we both have a pretty weird sense of humor!

k.  friday is here.  i have promised s’mores for the evening.  i have to make dinner ahead for sunday…lasagna, i’m thinking?  conge’ fundraiser at my daughter’s school on sunday & that’s an all day, very fun day that we will not miss!  means Mass Saturday…


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  1. You crack me up! I think having your * makes a HUGE difference in what your body can (or wants to) do.

    Lasagna is a GREAT make ahead meal! I have a recipe for a great one that doesn’t even require you to boil the noodles! E-mail me if you want it! I make it for everyone when they have a new baby (one lady told me she was considering having another baby just so I would make her one! LOL!). email: longdazeshortyears AT zoominternet DOT net

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