fighting the good fight


wow.  dude.  i haven’t run in it seems like forever.  it has actually been almost a week.  i got on a treadmill a couple of times last week.  the golf tournament was going on – louisiana open – and it was way too beautiful for me to run outside with all the happy crowds when i was heavy-hearted, ergo heavy-legged, and just sad.  we were waist deep in fighting the educational fight for our daughter.  we are still fighting, but there is movement amongst the troops 🙂  finally feel like the right people are paying attention to what is needed.

as i have repeated to hubs more often in the last week than ever, “Jesus flipped over tables in the temple…it wasn’t pretty, but it had to be done.”  so that has been my saving thought.  along with hanging onto our Good Lord with all my might.  can’t have peaks without valleys, can we?

as a mom, it does take a toll.  i glimpsed my reflection this morning as i was about to take my daughters to the bus stop and i was slightly horrified.  i sleep great.  it’s the waking hours that are kicking my butt.  i’m here, though, and i’m moving on through every day in way that i pray is pleasing to God.

my little one has felt the anxiety, sadly, so i have been giving her my Mary medal and swarovski crystal cross necklace.  this is a pretty big piece.  i’m a Jesus freak; so whaddya expect, right?  anywho, the chain is big silver links, but beautiful – came with the cross.  sweet baby chipped it.  accidentally, of course.  i felt a little bad about it because it is pretty much my signature piece.  i definitely wear it when i need the external armour 🙂  i’ll still wear it – proudly – i suspect – and the chip will serve as a reminder of our own human frailty & fault.  it’s a cross, not a crucifix, so i guess the chip is a good sign of that.

housekeeper is in venezuela again…sigh…that means i’m the full-time housekeeper.  sorry, kids. 🙂

it is 9:30 and i have a strong hankering to jump on my bike and ride, ride ride.

hubs and i had our wedding anniversary on tuesday – i managed a 13 mile ride then.  can i tell you my quads were going, “huh? wth, lady????:”  it was a pretty brisk pace for me, who hadn’t ridden in a week.  i know.  not like me.  but with the golf, the issues, the stuff. i didn’t beat myself up; i just accepted the unwanted break as another fact in my day.

still don’t have closure on kiddo & school, but things are promising.  she’s still as wonderful as ever.

gonna go mop & ride.  i am certain i have never put those two activities in the same sentence before.  wow.


oh, and speaking of peace, you DO know this Sunday is Palm Sunday, right?  the beginning of Holy Week, right?  dress pretty, go to church.  say your prayers.  thank God for something.  anything.  He made you, after all.  show Him some love.

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  1. Yay for progress, right? What grade is she in this year? At least you’re getting somewhere.

    I LOVE Palm Sunday – first time I ever attended Catholic Mass was a Palm Sunday service. My husband (then boyfriend) and I took his elderly mom to church. It was one of those life-changing experiences even though I didn’t realize it at the time. I try to never miss (and I’ve only missed it twice – both times when we had a newborn). It does take on a different perspective when you’re trying to convince your boys that the palms are NOT weapons…;)

    • Ha!!! Boys will be boys!!! 🙂 I do love Holy Week. I notice that the older I get, the closer I get to God and the more meaningful our special traditions become to me. I remember the first time I CRIED at the Good Friday service – we were at the beach on vacation & I didn’t know what came over me! That was so long ago & since then, I still cry, but now I know why! Anytime I ponder over injustice, selfless-love, supreme sacrifice – having to do with Our Lord, I just can’t help it. I hope you have a BLESSED Holy Week, sista!!!

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