Emptying the coconut…


every once in awhile i must ramble…emptying the coconut, i call it – my mom used to call me and my 5 brothers & sisters’ heads coconuts.  i know i bombed the grammar there…forgive me.


i ran 10 this morning & rode my bike 23 yesterday plus a basic 2.8 mile loop.  i realized that my bucket-list goal of doing a full iron man when i’m 50 doesn’t have to wait that long.  i’m 45 next year.  you feel me?  see where i’m going with that?  45 is a spectacular year for an iron man.  truth be told, i need to focus on swimming this year.  that just seems like light years away and i have a pool in my backyard.  the water is still too cold and i’m just too busy to go to the healthclub.  i guess that’s code for “it’s not important enough at this moment to top my list of priorities.”  that’s the real deal.  but the idea is out there.  it’s on a burner – front or back i’m not sure.

my sweet girl – she’ll be part of the back stage crew for the musical beginning tomorrow.  her sister is part of that crew, too.  so, after track yesterday afternoon, older sister had her way-cool black t-shirt with “staff” and “backstage crew” emblazoned on it in no-nonsense white letters.  “where’s yours, sweet pea?”  “oh, well, since i haven’t been able to go to music, i didn’t get one – i think they ordered them.  it’s okay, mom, i’ll just wear a black shirt.”  😦  No, NO, you will NOT just wear a black shirt, i thought to myself.  the real story is, she has articulation therapy during music.  so, she hasn’t been participating, but i could not bear the thought of that sweet little girl not having a shirt like everyone!  so, Bell’s, one of the best sporting goods store in our city, put the appropriate letters on a shirt WHILE I WAITED!  and they were very sweet about it.  i mean, no one did anything wrong here, i just couldn’t bear her being born deaf being yet another reason for something else not working out like everyone else.  i’m so excited to give her this shirt!  it’s in my car and i’m going to give it to her after track practice today.  she’ll be thrilled.

i splurged on my favorite vitamins today.  $40-something bucks.  for a month’s supply.  they are like giant sweet tarts. i love those things.  and FULL of good stuff.  i try to alternate my multi vitamins with something less costly, but equally nutritional.  Source of Life Gold, i think they are.  YUM.

meatloaf, mashed potatoes, gravy, corn & peas are on tap for tonight.  my house smells divine!  i don’t usually buy corn either – monsanto????  eeewww.  no thank you.  but i bought some today – non-gmo, organic, good stuff.  oh, and no bpa lining the can.  the stuff that excites us….

gotta go make snacks for when i pick up my sweet peas from practice…


how’s Lent going, by the way???  if you fall, just get back up.  don’t scrap it all.  God loves us all – imperfections and all…that’s the truth.

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  1. I know how you feel about the t-shirt. I always hated being the kid whose parents couldn’t afford all of that stuff – so I had the “good enough” black tee. I worry about it so much I usually send in extra so that the kid whose mama “forgets” can have one, too. My husband thinks I’m nuts but he plays along. That’s just how we roll.

    Lent. I gave up sweets (again) and am doing my very best to pray the rosary every night. I’m not perfect about it, but I’m better than I was. I think you’re right, the peace in the midst of chaos is a great motivation to keep at it.

    If you’re up for it, my Youngest Boy could use some prayers. Nothing serious, but he has to have a CTscan today for some belly issues. Thanks

    • What a great idea – sending in extra!!!! I’m totally borrowing that idea!!! I have already prayed for your little guy and will continue to keep him in my prayers. I hope his tummy is okay. It’s so scary when something is out of whack with our kiddos! I vowed to go to Mass more & pray the Rosary more during Lent. I told my husband this morning, “Daily Mass would be the bomb!!!” I just love being there. Peace to you & yours!!!!

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