Okay, the kids are out of school all week.  The two youngest are even out on Monday!  So, we went to Houston for a quick-who-knows-what kind of trip.  I can’t hold it in any longer.  I smell GREAT!  My husband has amazing taste.  He truly does.  We were in Prada (his suggestion:) and while I wasn’t about to accept his offer for a new purse, I was really excited about the perfume I smelled.  Hubs is one of those types that derives happiness from seeing other people happy.  He knows women love to shop.  He loves buying things for the people he loves.  He’s pretty awesome.  I’m keeping him.  🙂

We woke up today and instead of having a known-to-be fabulous great breakie at the St. Regis, we went to some other place.  Then, instead of driving home like I thought we would, we went back to the galleria & shopped more.

Okay, I digress.  Yesterday, which was Friday, we were sitting down to eat seafood (Lent, people!) at the Oceanaire in the Galleria.  Up walks Mrs. shall-be-nameless, but she teaches my daughters, and in particular, my littlest angel-daughter.  You feel me on this?  In a city of a ga-jillion, up walks the lady who, I believe, has it in for my kid!  And we are not even in our own home town!  Okay, not IN for my kid, but she’s not about to expand her horizons and say, “how can I help?” But I have to say, for the last week, I have felt Mary’s beautiful attention on the issue – I feel Her pushing me away from dwelling on the situation and letting Her do what must be done.  When I think of said teacher, I pray for her.  I really do.  I just want her heart to open up so she can see what a gift she has in front of her…and hopefully, go the extra way to help.  Quit pointing fingers and open your mind.

So, for this encounter to just…happen…in Houston, for me, was a sign from Our Lady that, yep – She’s on it!  And it was a nice visit.  She’s a great teacher.  She’s a stellar person.  She just talks WAAAAAY too fast for someone who wasn’t born deaf (me).  And she drinks too much Diet Coke.  She is ruining her hypothalamus (sp?).  Anywho.  I’m happy.

And, to top this no-reason for it trip, hubs came with me to Lulu in the Galleria and helped me pick out a couple of things.  Two super-sweet jackets and a pair of shorts.  YYYEEESSSSSSS!  Love them.  Will use them.

Lent.  Whatcha doin’ about it?  God made each and every one of us.  He knew us before our own mothers knew us.  Show him your love today, won’t you?

Peace.  I can’t wait for Mass tomorrow!

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