Ash Wednesday…


today was great.  i woke up thinking about Lent and all that it holds – the opportunities to grow closer to God, to learn more about Him and our faith…the possibilities are endless.  in our family, we talk about what we are giving up, what we are doing affirmatively, etc.  For me, that includes no alcohol.  i will pray the Rosary more and more devoutly – sometimes i listen to my rosary app and it’s really soothing to me and my spirit.  but i realized during my run this morning that i really should pray it to honor Mary and for Her intentions.  of course, like a good Mother, She wants to know our intentions – She wants to know everything so She can help us.  so, what i’m saying is, i want to honor Her more in praying the rosary.  i want to go to Mass more during the week.  and, for my health, i plan to follow the way of eating that has best served me physically and physiologically – that is, for me, to fuel my morning runs, i don’t eat carbs until the evening.  until 5:00 p.m., i only eat food that God made – fruit, vegetables, salad, nuts, eggs, smoothies (okay, i got a little creative with His creations 🙂  The point it, it works for me.

i hope that anyone who reads this – Roman Catholic or otherwise – will try to have a Lenten season like no other.  i promise you, because i’ve been there, it is so worth it.  one day, no matter what you believe, you will see the face of God.  i want Him to be pleased with me and all that i have done in my life.  i want to attone for my sins.  i want to be like Mary.  i want to make God happy.  when your focus is changed to making Him happy, you will be amazed with the way things fall into place in your life.

anyone who reads my blog knows that life does not turn into a bed of roses; it surely does not.  but what does happen is this – you will feel the assuredness of our Lord Jesus.  when you place ALL your trust in Him, amazing things happen.  i love Lent so much because of what i just described – but, somehow during these 40-some-odd-days, your spirit will become strengthened and you know you do not walk this walk alone.  the relationships that are formed and fostered with God, Mary, and Joseph, and all the angels and saints, do not end at Easter – these relationships will continue forever, if you wish.

for me, there is no going back.  i am a certified slave of Jesus.

peace, y’all.  don’t forget, it’s never too late.  not sure how to start?  just start asking right now within your heart.  then get ready, y’all, cuz good things are gonna start blowing your mind!  maybe you’ll find yourself so peaceful in the midst of what would normally seem chaos – and indeed may be chaotic – but you will feel the peace of Our Lord Jesus within you.  and you won’t be rattled.  that’s just an example.  just ask with an open heart and then expect blessings.


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