My prayer today…


…was quick, concise…unlike i often am…”Dear Blessed Mother, please help me to be like you.  Help me make my house like yours.  Help me be a good mother like you.  Help me be a good wife like you. Help me be a good person.”  that pretty much was it.  okay, that WAS it.  nothing added, nothing subtracted.  i just feel this heaviness that i want to go away.  it doesn’t feel like Mary’s arms that are loving; it just feels heavy.  like wet wool.  my heart IS heavy with kid stuff.  little kid stuff.  thankyou Jesus, Mary & Joseph, the big kid is doing GREAT!  prayer, y’all.  it’s the power of prayer.  especially a mother’s prayers.

anywho.  so, i listen to my body, even when my right shin starts burning & screaming a mile down the road.  all the bullet points are addressed – too much too soon after 26.2?  shoes?  riding bike, then running?  whatever.  whatever.

i’m tired.  like lay me down to sleep tired.  so i did.  i took a nap and didn’t feel one bit guilty about it.

then i got up, finished turkey meatballs, re-heated this morning’s coffee, made a cup of cocoa chai tea (told ya i was tired 🙂 and got to the computer to check out homework & assignments, etc.

there it was – a big fat ugly f on my baby’s grade page…yuck.  i can’t make her feel worse than she already does.  i wouldn’t even try.  that would be cruel.  i parent her this way – you did your best, right?  well, you just have to do better.  i help her trim the fat, so to speak, from her after-school time – which, honestly, there is not much of, anyway, because that girl WORKS.  my default is, ‘it’s that teacher; she has it in for her.’  i even thought that perhaps she (teacher) didn’t want to TEACH my baby.  oh, it’s a challenge.  it’s a huge challenge.  but i wouldn’t trade it.  she (baby) is brilliant.  she amazes me on a daily basis.  she makes me want to pull my hair out on about a weekly basis, but hey, you gotta take the good with the bad, right?

i just don’t know what else we can do.  her grades have ALL improved from the first quarter to the second quarter.

i would home school her.  i would figure it out.  why would i do that when there are perfectly capable, degreed teachers at her school who seemingly won’t go the extra mile?  help her.  help her.  help her.   seriously???  if i had a child in my class who was struggling, you can believe i would help that child get what he or she needed to get!  stay in at recess!  come to school early.  stay at school late, but don’t just do nothing.

this is sub-par.

Dear Lord, please help us.  we can’t.  You must.

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  1. They go to a Catholic school, right? If you’ve already tried working within the school, go above. There are directors of education at the diocese level I’m sure. If they have accepted her into their school, they have to ACCEPT her. There’s a parent at our school who is experiencing something similar (her child is dyslexic and no one is willing to tutor her at the school. They’ve forced her to go outside). Her next step has to be over their heads. Maybe yours does, too. (In more ways than one, ’cause the Blessed Mother is most definitely over their heads! ;)).

    I’ll be thinking about and praying for you and yours. Blessings.

    • Ain’t that tha truth??? Thanks so much for the prayers. Things are looking up. At least things are promising. I’m gonna do a blog entry tomorrow, I’m hoping, so I’ll update you…I’m so grateful for my husband’s gift of words. He can say concisely what takes me tons of words… 🙂 guess that’s why i blog…heehee…

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