In the name of the Father…


we always say prayers on the way to the bus stop.  every morning.  without fail.  i love those minutes of reflection with my daughters and i absolutely adore the sound of  their sweet words going straight into God’s open ears.  mornings don’t always start in a beaver cleaver fashion…rarely do they start in such a way.  most mornings i’m rushing out with heavily cinnamoned coffee splashing around a harry potter cup, furrowed brow & lunch boxes connected to some part of my body.  we had a pretty dreadful morning last week that was worse than the others.  these bad mornings usually involve a certain 11 year old who can be…headstrong ;]  okay, i’m trying to work in a certain vain here, so i won’t let rip what words are bouncing around my head.

anywho, we all, by the grace of God, made it into the car.  i was silent.  (shell-shocked)  “just let me get them to the bus stop in one piece,” was my silent wish.  we continued on toward highway 90, as usual. from the back seat, i heard, “In the name of the Father…” and as i turned slightly to glance over my right shoulder, i saw my beautiful 12 year old, who had just made the Sign of the Cross, looking at me, waiting for us to say our prayers.  it was just one of those moments that will live with me forever…she was so fresh-faced (it was early;); her curls were beautiful and healthy, and her eyes were wide open, as if to say, “c’mon, mom, let’s go!”  of course, i took her thoughtful lead, and we all said our usual prayers, even my sweet pumpkin seed fire cracker sitting behind me chimed in and just like that…the day had re-started.  it was wonderful.

i was so grateful and so moved by my daughter’s prompt that i couldn’t keep it in any longer.  i had to get it out of my coconut and into my blog.

those words continually resonate in my head…In the name of the Father, i can do ANYTHING.  as long as He has ordered it, it’s happening, y’all.  In the name of the Father, i can ASK HIM for ANYTHING, including forgiveness, faith, wisdom, understanding, love…you name it, He will bless good.  time & time again, He blesses good.

when i was in that dreaded part of my marathon a couple of weeks ago – when the wheels fell off around mile 16, i thought of my daughters and the fact that every day, no matter what, they totally fulfill their God-given ability.  no half-stepping there, i promise you that.  so, at that point, i marinaded in THEIR STRENGTH, their beautiful, quiet, God-given strength…i put one foot in front of the other, the way i see them do on a daily basis.  and i knew God was there.  like always, pulling me along when i wondering what in the world was i thinking…


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