false start :)


post-marathon evokes all kinds of feelings & such…i am now just over a week finished with the inaugural louisiana marathon.  i decided i wanted to start p90x….BRING IT!  heehee…ouch, dude, friggin’ ouch.  day 1 yesterday left me running around my house trying to figure out how to do pull ups (our door frames are all super-high 🙂 and those tube thingys that i have never been a fan of…

anywho, i found out that i could do P90X, the lean version?  sweet!  well, probably sweet.  i’m going to give it a try.  i did realize, however, that having a housekeeper, while a blessing on the days she’s here, makes me not want to to P90X while she is here – i feel too badly – you – clean – me?  workout.  no.  that’s not nice.  i’m just too codependent, i guess.

so, for today, i will see what it is like.  it can only help my level of fitness.  then, i will go to the meeting to which i was summoned at the girls’ school.  sheesh.  now what?  what could they possibly have to say?  how will i be blindsided today?  i was praying the Rosary last night when hubs came to bed & he realized i was stressing over said meeting.  he reminded me that we are lucky to be raising a girlie steve jobs – she is brilliant and i’m not just saying that 🙂  plus, God willing, he’s coming with me…oh, yeah, oh, yeah, oh, yeah!  the dude has the gift of the word.  love him.  love having him on my side.

okay, so that’s it for now.

oh, this week past has held a few slow runs, bike, walking.  yes.  gotta start somewhere.  that’s the only crappy part about marathons…recovery.  yuck.  it’s like you spend all your fitness savings during those 4 hours & then for the next 2 weeks, you have to turn into something completely different so as not to hurt yourself.  geez.


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  1. Sorry I’ve missed so much! First of all, running a marathon – any marathon – is such an accomplishment! It’s great to have goals and hopes for the finish but you DID finish and there’s a large part of the population who will never be able to say that! You did something awesome! WOOT!

    Good luck with your meeting. Maybe it’s good news? You have awesome girls and you are doing an amazing job as their advocate! (But it’s nice to have our men by our sides, isn’t it?).

    Now. P90X scares me. Just a bit. OK, a lot. I’m probably not intense enough to do it but who knows? Maybe someday…

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