taper begins


well, i got my 8 1/2 this morning.  you already know the history.  great, on-track training & then…not so much.  on the training front, that is.  which is cool.  cuz i kept my foot on the fitness gas pedal.  so that’s a good thing.  i guess i’m in one of those moods.  because now i’m going to tell you what i ate for dinner last night.  3 of the best cheese enchiladas in the world.  la fonda’s restaurant.  a piece of chocolate cake in honor of my step-son’s 18th b-day.  3 mich ultras with pepper juice (it’s a texas thing & oh so good:), and a sampling of youngest daughter’s beef & cheese nachos.  she’s not a fan of blistered cheese, which, i happen to like.  come to think of it, i don’t think i’ve ever met a nacho i DIDN’T like!  anywho.   so, yes, i’m not usually a huge eater like that, but, in anticipation of what i knew would be a stellar meal, i had a banana & tangerine for breakie, a smoothie for lunch & then waited for the good stuff at La Fonda’s.  my step daughter even commented, “I’ve never seen you eat that much, Miss Mary!”  it is rare for me and it was GOOD! so, back to the run.  i ran at 8:50 pace for my miles this morning.  not terrible.  i didn’t know if i would even have time to do that run this morning with all that’s going on at home.  so, just the fact that i got out there felt like a success.  and that would be it.  for the longish run, that is.  now, i will have just a few short runs and two rest days prior to the Louisiana Marathon a week from Sunday.  my b-day is next friday and i was planning to do a 44 mile bike ride in honor of turning 44, but now i’m thinking i shouldn’t.  notice i didn’t say i’m not.  i shall continue to mull it over.  i don’t want to do anything dumb like stress out my legs, or FALL off my bike the week leading up to 26.2.  i’ll probably wait till after the marathon.  ;-\

the marathon, after all, is a birthday gift to myself.  i will be there the night before with my son & my daughters.  God willing, my son will haul my sweet little girls downstairs so that they can watch me finish.  they, after all, are my biggest fans, and i ADORE the looks on their bright little faces as they jump up and down screaming, “Go, mom, go!!!!!”  that, i believe, is my proudest moment of any race where they are watching…in an instant, i see reflected in their faces, the love they have for me and the pride they feel for me.  i know i am a good example of health, fitness, and healthy choices and i am so grateful that they are picking up on that & making those things part of their lives.  (okay, the nutrition part totally needs tweeking – there is wwwayyyyyy too much bread consumed by one of those little girls and not enough veggies & fruits by either:)  but that’s okay.  i was that way, too, when i was their age.

so, welcome taper.  i don’t love you, but i will tolerate you because it will get me to the starting line in a healthy, rested way.  today and tomorrow are kind of like “last chance workouts” – any biggest loser fans out there???  that’s our favorite show.  talk about motivation.  dude.  these people rock.  they are facing health crises head on and giving them a beat-down to non-existance.  i LOVE those people!  so, yeah, i will do a ridiculous amount of squats & sit-ups because for today & tomorrow, that will be money in the bank.  after that, not so much.  hence, the taper, i suppose.

geez, and i  thought i wouldn’t have much to say on the issue 🙂

peace, y’all.  do something good for your body today, won’t you?

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