talking myself up


okay.  i’ve never said this.  i will not do another full marathon, with a specific goal in mind, immediately following Christmas.  my beautiful training schedule, filled with perfectly green-highlighted blocks, signifying completed as scheduled workouts, has turned into a mish-mash of green & red & not the pretty-Christmassy-kind, either.  uuugh.  i’ve missed four, count ’em 4, crucial training LONG runs.  and ya know how i feel about the long runs.  that blows.  big-time.  but, what’s done is done.  i didn’t log-on to be the hostess of my own pity party, so do forgive me.  i just took a little run in my newest HOT PINK ASICS that i got last night. thank you, my son, for the Tri-Running gift card.  does he know me or does he know me????  new kicks and a handful of Vespa Junior.  i’m stoked.  i LOVE these shoes.

so, looking ahead…as i ran a little while ago, i thought about how far i have come since commiting to january’s race plan.  nothing has changed that dramatically.  yes, i’ve missed some workouts.  that’s okay.  truth be told, i’m gettin’ a little tired.  my legs are tired, my head is tired.  i AM way stronger than i was when i started.  i never flirted with marathon pace time as much as i have this time around.  as i said in the beginning, even if i don’t qualify, i will have had one hell of a training run.  and i have.  my core is stronger than ever.  oh, that’s another thing. i learned very quickly that for me, the keys to running a strong, long race are my core & quads.  i’ve paid lots of attention to those things.  and my diet has been better than ever.  okay, we had Christmas, people, and i’m not dead.  but i didn’t go crazy.  i let myself indulge.  but not overly so.  so that’s a good thing.

and, at the end of the day, i’m a mom & wife before i am anything else.  i only have to look as far as my sweet boy in college to know how sickeningly quickly the years tick by.  i will have more time for myself one day.  i know that.  God blesses us when we obey Him.  that’s what i strive for and that’s what i hope for our children.  life can be simple.  we make it complicated by thinlking we are the ones in control.

so, i’m not even that disappointed about the liklihood of not qualifying for Boston.  i may surprise everyone, including myself.  i truly believe it’s up to God.  if He wills it to happen, then imma just go with it, y’all.  we’ll see.  ultimately, i will toe the line, run His best, complete the race, get a sweet medal, get even sweeter hugs from my family, and feel like a winner no matter what the clock says.  goals are great.  but they aren’t everything.

so, wanna hear something totally fabulous?????  the girls got their brand new nucleus 5 upgrades today!!!!  they are opened and charging as i type!  we are seeing our audiologist tomorrow for programming them.  now that is something to celebrate!  we are so pumped up about that – we were told we could expect 4-6 weeks before they arrived!

okie, dokie.  for now, i’m not going to kill myself for what i didn’t get to accomplish, but rather celebrate what i have done.  well-rested is better than overly-exhausted.  i know…

this part IS weird, i admit – there comes a time close to race day – about a week before the big day, i’d say – where i “grade” myself – have i done all i could with all i had?  and, for me, the answer is always yes.  i made up for missed sit-ups & squats & you name it.  i love going into a race knowing i have done my best to prepare and knowing that it is indeed enough to get me over the finish line.  this race is no different.  i still have a couple of weeks to get there.

peace out, y’all.

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  1. Here’s hoping and praying that you accomplish all that you want to in the upcoming year. I *know* you can do it!

    Good news for your girls, too! Are things getting better with that situation? I know you were frustrated with the school…

    Happy New Year! Peace!

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