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are you kidding?  girls off today, you know, conferences.  they came with me because we had to do an ultrasound on my youngest (more later) immediately following.  i thought if i got to conferences at 7:30, when they started, i would be done within an hour,being that the teachers & administration explicitly said :15 per teacher.  someone stayed with the main teacher i needed to see for almost :45 minutes!!!!!!!!  get a meeting!  are you kidding?????  so, needless to say, i went in, late already for ultrasound, and said, ‘hey, i know, they struggle, we are doing our best…”  but i LEFT there feeling completely defeated.  according to what i heard today, i should teach my youngest sign language, leter her “embrace” it, and call it a friggin’ day.  “she will be highly intelligent.”  really, lady???  no shit???  gee, tell me something i don’t friggin’ know.  she’s brilliant, my daughter(s), except we weren’t talking about the older one, only the one that makes everyone WORK.  i would love to homeschool her…maybe that’s an option.  i hate the way i feel.  i know, i’m leaning on God and He knows i’m stuck and i know He’ll get me out, but damn, for the moment, it just sucks so bad. 

‘we don’t think they hear.’  really?  fuck you.  did you hear that?  okay?  i know they hear. 

then.  we get in the car, circuititously get to the highway, LOW on gas to the point that no more _____ left is showing, only “LOW”…get to the hospital, do what we gotta do, go straight to the gas station, go straight to the bank to fix a $300 mistake made by me.  shit. 

then, the mall.  that was fun. 

i think i hate conferences so much because it is just teacher after teacher telling me what great attitudes the girls have, but that the outlook is sketchy.

i get it .  i know.  but what am i supposed to do?  enroll them in public school, and let them get taught a fraction of what they are learning?  no thank you.  i know there is some truth to what they are saying.  yes, it is very difficult.  i can’t do any more.  they can’t do anymore.  what is the answer?  i just feel defeated.  they have to say one nice thing, right? 

the brightest part of that ordeal was the head of school, who i bumped into, chatted with me for a moment, and said,  “we are committed to your girls.  we will keep keep looking for ways.”  well, thank you!  isn’t that what teachers are supposed to be like?   Jesus didn’t come for the righteous, did He?  are teachers supposed to only teach the smart kids with no exceptionalities? 

what a day.

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  1. I’m so sorry you have to deal with this. I can’t imagine walking in your shoes. There have to be options, right, but what are they? I’m no help. There are plenty of mamas who home-school (not something I think I have in ME, though…). Just keep looking. And praying. And hoping. I’ll send some up for you and your girls.

    Also? I was low on gas today…and my battery died. I couldn’t turn the car off because after the thoughtful maintenance man at my daughter’s school jumped it I was afraid it wouldn’t turn back on. AND I had a car full of groceries. This really is a blog post in and of itself, so I’ll have to write about it. Just wanted to let you know I can totally get THAT part of your day! 😉

  2. Thanks for the thoughtfulness…I was happy for hubs to get home. He has a way with words that just crystallizes a situation and gives me clarity. I love that guy 🙂 So, you had a bit of a cruddy day, too! Thanks again!!!!

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