24 hours


just the facts.  i just marvel sometimes at the things that happen in life, and then just get absorbed by the day…i was fine with the nutty events of the last 24 hours until…

note:  none of this will probably make any sense, but i gotta get it out of my coconut… 🙂

hubs started walking every morning.  yay!  yay for him.  i’m happy about that. i’m getting used to a different morning routine and it’s a good thing.  i worked at my daughters’ school book fair on monday & tuesday.  fun.  LOVE the little children coming through, dreaming about what books, toys & posters they are going to buy…my sweet daughter came to me yesterday.  ‘hi, mom!’ i bought her a few little things she wanted.  she came back to me a few minutes later.  her foot was hurting a lot where her mole was removed several weeks ago.

i don’t have time for sentences.  not today.  i’m in the trenches of motherhood.

long story short: 

white, ugly, site on foot.  nurse freaked.  staph?  mrsa? wtf?

appt with doc at 3, no prob.  check girls out at 2:30.  meeting with school person at 1:30.  FULL hour.  suggested cognitive therapy in mobile.  huh?  you’re joking me, right?  wft????

entrance to frigging interstate is closed.  we ended up cutting through the median in my yukon to get to doc. 

oh, yes, infection, BIG red stripe running around my baby’s foot. rx, ointment, etc.

oh, and i ran on tm yesterday 6 mile pace run, but i did it in 8:24 per mile.  yay, me.

quads were saying, yes, you guessed it, wtf???  :)))))))))

i fell into bed dreaming about what today’s run would be – 3 miles. 

this morning – kids on bus – text – oh, i forgot my flash drive & today is the ONLY day,   yadda, yadda, yadda, motherhood calls, whatever.

walk with hubs.

no 3 miles. 

dash out to girls school.  i kid you not, there was a full-blown parade happening in Grand Coteau, Louisiana, on a damn Wednesday morning.  kids on the side of the street, with bags like they were at mardi gras.  people parked with lawn chairs, marching bands, firetrucks, you get the idea.  i had to circuitiously make my way back to our beautiful school and almost didn’t make it, ‘cept that the dude who would lead the marching band, you know the one with the big stick with the shiny gold ball on top?  yes, well, he watched for traffic to clear for me to get through on the barely-open lane.  the return trip was equally congested cuz the damn parade hadn’t even started rolling yet!  it was just so odd to me.

if my life were fiction, i think today would have been the cat in the hat.  everything looked normal, beautiful, even, but there was some odd stuff happening in the ‘hood today, y’all! the, knowing the interstate was BLOCKED for construction, i asked the grand coteau cop directing traffic to point me to highway 182…”go this way, and you’ll see 182 right in front’chu.”  k.  got it. 

got to hair dude right at 10:30.  highlights, trim.  target.

home.  so, my 3 miles morphed into 5 miles.  it was HOT.  82 degrees and i am serious.  it was so hot.  my quads were burning.  i did it though.  i even tried to rectify it in my brain by thinking maybe i could do it tomorrow – conferences tomorrow, girls off, 6 dozen ‘baked goods’ for friday, really?  when?  so, i sucked it up, drove my knees forward for 2 more miles & got that thing done!  i’m glad i did.  all that’s left for this week of training is a 9 mile slow run, 3miles, and a rest day.  which would be….idk…not saturday cuz saturday holds a cross-country race for my daughters, a piano spook-takular recital at their school in the afternoon, and a soccer game at 4.  sounds like saturday will be my rest day.  teehee.  don’t suggest sunday – that starts a new week of training! 

life is good.  i have running water, ac, food, and a beautiful family that loves me.  and, best of all, i am a child of God & He loves me the MOST!


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