why not me?


so…feeling the inaugural louisiana 26.2 making its way onto my radar.  catching me without a solid training plan in place.  i have yet to use the same plan twice.  i do love focus n fly, but idk, that’s so last marathon 😉  teehee.  really, tho, i wanted to give something else a shot & see how i liked it.  i knew i wanted to up my game a little.  i’m 43, how many more years can i say i’m ready to up my game???  so, yeah, i’ve been looking and finally decided on trusty Hal Higdon.  he’s been there & done that & gotten loads of people there, too, so, why not me?  i jumped on board & realizing i can suck it up at week 4 of his plan and finish on time, or baby-step my a$$ through week 1 & get what i get come january 15…well, you know me, i jumped in with both feet (couldn’t resist) to week 4.  i follow weekly goals, but not daily; my life just doesn’t roll like that.  my long runs are typically on fridays, and i like it like that.  of course, it it rains and is bitterly cold, well, that’s my long run day cuz i’m like that.  today was pretty warm – close to 80 and only a little humid – which, for south louisiana counts for a glorious day…i ran 6 miles at an 8:33 minute pace!  my prescribed pace was 8:34, so yeah, i’m good with that!  i’m thrilled!  getting ready for two triathlons has taken the light off my beloved running and i’m glad to be getting back into it.  which, brings up my next thingy.  if i’m gonna run & train & up my game, what if i try to BQ?  boston qualify…every distance runner has that goal, i’m sure.  i’ve always figured out a way why i shouldn’t/couldn’t do it.  well, i don’t know what happened, but i decided to give it shot.  now, my question is, why not me?  i’m fast.  i have endurance.  it’s soooo mental, the long run.  i soooo got that.  so, there’s no answer for why not me!  i’m going for it.  the best case scenario?  i qualify for boston.  the worst?  i don’t qualify, but i should run a great race!  3:45 is my time that i need.  i have already calculated my mile splits and magnet-attached them to my fridge, eye level, where i can see them often…i’m excited about it and transparent about it, too.  i think i might have felt like a slacker somehow if i didn’t qualify and said i was going for it!  now…not so much.  we all need dreams and goals and that’s mine.  i’ll do the work and see what happens!  hubs?  heehee.  he came home friday afternoon, after i’d printed my splits…i held them up for him to see…”what do these numbers look like to you?”  “mmmm….i don’t know….”  “what i need to run in january to qualify for boston.”  “OOOhhh, awesome!”  so, it helps me tremendously to know he’s in my corner and even onboard the 3:45 train!  we talked more about it this morning & i feel really good about this training that has gotten off to a great start!

okay, housekeeper is BACK!!!!!  LOVE her!  gotta put groceries away. 

biggest loser tonight!  have you seen it?  7 central.  me & my girls fave show.  so inspiring.

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