yay friday


my mind is a little more add than usual.  i’m just gonna throw some random/add stuff out there so hopefully it’ll clear out my coconut & make room for some more stuff…

10 year old asked me before i even had a sip of coffee yesterday morning – while she was still deaf, i might add – can i have a needle?       


housekeeper still on florida family duty – sigh.

sweet step son went to school today for the first time since surgery.  hurts my heart.  he’s so sweet and always polite, no matter what he’s going through.  i love that boy.

had an estimate from a company to fix the glass in our front door – 700-800.  american dollars.  um, no.  not even a thanks.  i knew when my daughters had a fist fight through the glass last year, it would be pricey.  there now we have it.  another estimate person is coming out today.  i am not whatever you call it.  oh, optimisitic.  i am not that.

my feet hurt.  i’m cleaning the house in running clothes & sanuk flip flops – the ones with the yoga mat bottom.  but, boy, a pedicure would be friggin’ fabulous. 

no workout yesterday.  unless you count running into 4 different stores looking for Tang for my father-in-law who had a b-day yesterday.  i guess the stand-in country time lemonade wasn’t a hit.

went to a reception last night for my sister who recently got married in italy.  it was picture perfect.  beautiful place, beautiful people, beautiful food, beautiful words, a cake i almost grabbed on my way out…

but i kept thinking about my sweet daughter at home struggling to get her studying done.  and truly, without hubs, in all his greatness, (i love that guy), i just wanted to be home, in my life is good flannel pj pants, helping my daughter do her best.  so, :45 into the gig, i hit the door.  left the cake.  dang, that was hard.  i bet it was good.

now.  football tonight at barbe.  i’m not going.  hubs, hubs ex, step-son+girlfriend are going.  have fun.  we’re gonna do our thing – cosutme shop, eat someplace we all like, start pulling out halloween decor – it’s almost 10/1, y’all!!!!

tomorrow morning is a cross-country meet in baton rouge.  i have my sights set on whole foods market for lunch and a visit to the newly opened lululemon athletica store…

sunday – sugarman tri.  Mass.  wish i’d see my son, but he’s doing something in new orleans tonight – apparently the college kids these days like to see dj’s?  hm.  cool.


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