part 2


can’t make this stuff up part 2

plans.  ha!  yes, right.  plans.  whatever.  i was gonna, blah blah blah – something physical to be sure, but a phone call.

my wonderful-keeps-my-life-sane-housekeeper – b/inlaw passed away overnight.  south florida.  meaning her sister is there to deal with everything and then some – i get that.  no problem.  and trust me, it’s some crazy stuff going on, there.  wow.

seems like all my daughters’ tests for school have gotten pushed to thursday & friday this week. 

“i gotta go!  i gotta ride ten miles so i can clean the house so i can run errands!  i gotta go!”  i said to hubs, as he had one hand on the doorknob to leave for work, in his usual, hesitating fashion…the look on his face!  it was great!  “whatttt???”  i repeated.  and laughed because i heard how ridiculous i sounded.  oh, and my father in law has a birthday tomorrow and there is a hush-hush event also scheduled for tomorrow evening for someone – i will not be missing that one.  more on friday about that.  so, yeah, about 8 tests between the two girls who need EXTRA help & time anyway to help be prepared…

and the weekend is coming.  cross-country meet on saturday morning for them, triathlon sunday morning for me, and a big glorious Mass at my church, too….

got my 10 in.  chunking up the housework – making it look good is just gonna have to do for today.  i’ll do more tomorrow.

errands.  i stink.  i am past sweating.  eww.  i need a cap for my bike tire air valve.  oh, and a swim cap for sunday.  and goggles.  i need to pick up my daughters today because of an ortho appointment that i already postponed last week!  i want my momma. 🙂

do something physical early is what i get out of this post, how about you? 🙂

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