you can’t make this stuff up.


alarm didn’t go off cuz i didn’t specify it was for a saturday morning, hence my weekday choice option on my iphone.  no biggie.  got hubs et al up & out on time.  ran to mississippi, they did, to check out a college for senior.  i on the other hand, took girls to their first cross-country meet, consoled 5th grader who insisted on blistering the first mile and a half, and pretty much demanded that she finish the course even if she had to walk.  enter sweet, angelic, older girls who finished with her.  LOVE that.  got ’em over the finish line.  jumped in car, drove 3 towns away to soccer only to find out it was cancelled due to no show opponent.  still had to worm my vehicle through the dusty wormhole to find a hiccup to turn around in.  great.  did it.  didn’t hit anyone.  or anything.  got home.  change!  everybody!  oh, ice bath?  okay.  you freeze & i’ll check the mail.  why did i do that?  opened up a letter telling me there is a warrant out for my arrest.  yes, you read correctly. MY friggin’ arrest.  wait, let me steady my hands through the laughter.  i got pulled over in lecompte on the way to dallas because 11 year old wanted her slice of cherry pie (i think she took 2 bites) while i got pulled over by some beer-bellied old nicotene-smelling “officer of the law” who obviously didn’t have a dental plan his whole life.  why?  oh, my inspection sticker. i got the check thingy from the bank for $118.00.  i paid it.  of course, today, as i sped along, i thought, whoa, slow down, po-po might come pull you over & slap some cuffs on my bony wrists & call cps for my children.  wow, dude.  so, yes, yours truly, who, up till now, i thought was doing a pretty good job (i still think that), has the law after her.  tee hee.  okay.  next.  so, yeah, lunch, dolphin tale (must see), note to self – don’t check e-mail in movie.  youngest child bombed on math test.  hmmm.  whaddya know.  deal with that later.  oh, yeah, and three stores to halloween costume shop before the movie.  wish i’dda checked my e-mail before.  sheesh.  coulda saved some gas & time.  anywho.  home.  made a homemade apple pie.  love that recipe.  reminds me of my mom – not cuz she made it but because she loved it when i made it – has kind of a praline topping that, speaking of mothers, will make you wanna slap yours cuz it’s so good. 

now.  halloween buddies is on pay per view.  i know it can always be worse.  i get that.  but this has been one nutty saturday.

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  1. LOL!!!! Oh, yeah, I am BAD!!!! teehee. Figured it out today & now I owe $132.00 MORE!!!! sigh…

    Oh, and the pie recipe I assure you I will get to you – it is FABULOUS. Must serve it with vanilla ice cream for the full, beautiful effect 🙂

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