I’m not even sure yet how to title this post…I simply know that on Thursday morning, I went to Mass at STM, something I treasure and guard as part of my week.  I am NEVER without a sense of wonder as I sit there every Thursday.  I still scanned the audience of bright, sweet, young faces, still hoped to see my own baby in there…didn’t happen, but I am just in awe of what I did see.  And feel.  The Holy presence of our Lord Jesus is so thick in the air.  I am so thankful for my faith and my relationship with God and Mary.  I guess what I’m getting at is that I have felt such a strong heavenly presence this week especially.  I really leaned on Mary during the week leading up to my first tri.  I just needed my Mother with me.  There was so much to do and feeling overwhelmed, I needed Her calm presence to help me through.  Last Christmas at Coteau, a beautiful show done at the girls’ school every December, I bought a hand-made beaded necklace with a miraculous medal on it.  It’s a long necklace with several strands of varied blue-hued and silver beads.  The medal is pretty big, as medals go – about 2 inches.  It remained in it’s box until September 7, the day before Mary’s birthday.  I remembered I had it, pulled it out, thought about when I bought it for no one in particular.  I put it on and realized, yep, I’m keeping it.  For now.  (I have given away SO many things like this – when the Holy Spirit guides me to give it away, whaddya gonna do?)  Anywho, so, yeah, I’ve been wearing this particular one as often as I can.  And, no, us Roman Catholics don’t honor pieces of metal or statues, but we DO, however, pray to saints for various reasons to intercede on our behalf…almost like going to a specialist in a particular field, if you will…St. Thomas Aquinas is the saint we pray to for students.  Lose something?  St. Anthony can help.  And our Blessed Mary?  Well, she’s the Queen of the Universe.  Anything you’d go to a mother for, you can talk to the real Queen Mother 🙂 

recently, i was in a meeting and someone commented to me about my daughter’s reverence during Communion…someone else in the meeting said, “She gets that from her mother.”  My response, indicating my Mary medal, “I got it fromMY mother…”  smiles. 

We are here for just a moment in time.  The real deal is eternity.  ETERNITY.  That’s a long time.  I wanna be with Jesus.  I wanna hold my dad’s hand again. None of us know when our ticket will get punched, y’all.  I don’t believe we are to live in fear of dying, but I do believe we are called to live as fully as we can WITHIN God’s sight.  Don’t waste your gifts or talents.  Don’t think you are less than you are.  You belong to God.  He permitted you to be born and he permits every moment you have on this crazy planet.  Don’t get too attached cuz the real deal is what will happen when He calls you home. 

So, this week, I have learned, even more so, about the wonder of the cycle of life – at this point, I simply want to please Him…I want to step lightly, reflect His love, store up prayers for my loved ones. 

I just wanna keep it real.

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  1. Coming to the Catholic faith from another Christian religion, this was something I struggled with – both the subject of Mary and the “worshipping medals”. I have found that the best analogy was that it is very common (and comforting) to ask another person to pray for you. Asking a saint to pray for you is almost the same thing except that the saint is most certainly closer to our Lord. As for the Blessed Mother, I still have a lot of questions but I’ll be honest here and say that YOUR attitude and actions in regard to her has made a big impact on how I view my own relationship with her. So, thanks for sharing that.

  2. Hey, girl! Thanks for your comment. I was in my 20’s before I realized that the saints were regular people, just like us. They lived in such a way that in death, they were raised to sainthood. As a little kid, I thought they were like angels on earth, predestined for sainthood. But as an adult, I realized they had free choice just like the rest of us. That was helpful! This thing with Mary…what I experience is truly like any other treasured relationship. It wasn’t always that way. Last year, my daughters briefly switched schools to an episcopal school. Without getting into too much detail in comments, I started praying harder than I EVER had because I felt God’s will like strong hands on my shoulders, guiding me to get those girls back to their Catholic school. I prayed to Mary constantly. One day, after dinner, I was doing the dishes and had the most beautiful scent surround me. It smelled just like a fresh bouquet of flowers. I stopped. Checked out my surroundings and even smelled my citrusy-scented dishwashing detergent! Wasn’t that. No one had come through the kitchen – it was just little old me, doing the dishes! I knew it was Mary and I KNEW she was with me. There was not a doubt in my mind. What overwhelmed me was that she would come to ME, a regular mom, here on Earth, trying to do the best for my family. That was a huge turning point for me. I always knew she was there, but having that kind of personal experience really put me over the top, excited to be her daughter! Having that also further solidified what I always knew to be true – Heaven is full of saints, angels, etc., who can intercede for us, who can add to our prayers, and who can strengthen us…I’ve always called it ‘the Dream Team’ because we have so much at our disposal. I know that if we keep on trudging forth, even in blind faith, our prayers are heard…I continually pray for better and better relationships with God, Jesus, Mary & Joseph (Joseph, I believe, is such an unsung hero who doesn’t get the attention he deserves:)…okay, that’s it for now:::)))

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