Cajun Man Triathlon


well.  where do i begin?  my day began at 5:00 and i was so rested.  i felt great.  almond butter & strawberry jelly sandwich, coffee & water.  fueling & hydration.  i reckoned it as tho’ i was doing a half marathon – about 2 hours of my morning in constant movement, pushing myself every step of the way.  that helped me stay calm.  i made my way to the race site which was only about 5 miles down the road!   sweet!  body marking, chip pick-up, bike rack.  i, foolishly, thought i had one of the best spots in the house right at the front of the transition area – which i knew would save precious seconds during my transition.  teehee.  not so.  no, i was at the very back of the transition area.  it did, work out, however, to my benefit for the 5K, cuz that WAS in my neck of the woods.  took a little walk down the hill (which i knew would be UPhill eventually!) to see the water.  the fish were jumpin!  a few swim-capped heads were bobbing up and down in various, relaxed swim strokes.  the barely risen son made the scene look positively glorious.

wow.  did i just insert a picture?   i am better than i thought 🙂  any kind of computer/transferring/technological-thingy is HARD for me. 

so.  where was i?  i started this post yesterday & stopped when i coulnd’t insert the dang picture.  correction:  stopped when i couldn’t find the friggin’ picture.  alas, here we are.  picture is there. 

lemme just cut to the chase, y’all…teehee…swim was HARDER than LABOR.  at least in labor, you get legal drugs and a comfy bed & support.  this?  not so much.  not at all.  no walls to hang onto.  no stops to say, hey, look how good i just did!  just 4 buoys – VERY far apart.  murky/gumbo like water.  oh, and did i tell you i got squeezed to the front and center?  in the ladies wave group, everyone was wonderful – very supportive, friendly, but still – i had NO intention of being in the front!  no worries, i wouldn’t stay there.  i felt clausterphobic (sp???) each time i TRIED to put my face in the water.  it was a character-building part of the race that i WILL do again and will do BETTER.  gotta start somewhere.  took me almost 24 minutes to swim a half mile.  at least i finished.  there were moments – damn, 24 minutes can seem like an eternity – when i quoted my sweet daughter in my mind  – I feel like a fail-a-tur! (failure;).  But, i knew they were on the bank, waiting, for my big exit, and i was not about to disappoint. 

next – transition to bike, which was – easy.  way easier than i thought.  what was all the hoopla i read about?  maybe cause this race wasn’t huge – 500 i think – i got out the water, high-fived/kissed the kids & hubs, numbly trotted to my bike, which was FAR up that hill i mentioned.  i did the 20 mile ride in just over 1:08.  not terrible for Louisiana roads.  And it was fun. 

one of my favorite moms from school came out to be supportive – so toward the end of the ride, i saw their sweet, smiling faces – Bridgette & Caroline, her daughter, who is my daughter’s BFF – along with my hubs & two girls – I felt like I was floating to the finish – but in a good way, not in an out of body post mortem way – it was, however, quite heavenly.

i was chomping at the bit to see how my legs would hold up for my fave thing – running.  i finished the run in 27:29.  i’ll take that, thank you very much. 

So – 2:04 with transition times.  I give myself an A+ with a smiley face 🙂

super sweet. 

oh, i totally took a big fat nap right on the living room floor that afternoon, amidst kids & hubs & Sunday afternoon activity.  loved it.

most of all, thank You God & Mary for being with me during a trying tri!  It was GREAT!

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  1. LOL!!! Thanks, girl!!! I would like to do another tri in October, in my town, once again. This one is the Sugar Man Tri, I think. Open water, too, but, no alligators! Woohoo! AND the swim? 500M, not 800M. 15 miles bike & 5K run. I’ll run it by hubs. There’s also a Cajun Cup 10K I’ve been doing every November for several years – I love that race. And, if all works out, there’s a half marathon at the beginning of December that I really like. Cooler temps are so great for distance! What’s happening in your world? I’ll have to stop by your blog SOON!

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