thank you, Mary, for saying yes…


Happy Birthday to one of my favorite people EVER – Our Blessed Queen of the Church, Mary.  I asked her years ago to please step in and BE my mother.  She heard me and she lovingly obliged.  She is an amazing part of my life and I can’t imagine my life without her.  Today is HER day, the day she was born.  She had already been chosen by God to be the Mother of our Lord, Jesus.  She could have said no.  Thank God she said yes. 

I get so emotional when I think about her through the eyes of a mother.  Can any one of you try to put yourself in the position that she was in?  Can you imagine being part of the greatest gift for all mankind, but being part of the greatest horror as well?  I think about her and wonder what it must have been like to raise Jesus…what an amazing 33 years…well, almost 34, when you count Mary’s pregnancy…

I often think of Mary’s strength with which she had to watch her son…be brutalized for us…be put to death for us.  We are so unworthy and that’s what makes it so precious, this love God has for us. 

One of the saddest parts for me – knowing our Blessed Mother made a seamless tunic for Our Lord – think of it – can you imagine Mary measuring you and getting thread or yarn or whatever they used…what DID they use, I wonder?  She made a perfectly seamless tunic for Him out of her love…I’m sure He thanked her for it – only to have it ripped from Jesus by animals who only wished Him harm…to take something so lovingly created for Our Savior from Our Savior and then bet to see who would ‘win’ it…just breaks this mother’s heart. 

Well…you know the rest of the story. 

I went to Mass at STM this morning.  It was wonderful.  I’m continually in awe.  I especially love going to Mass there because there is wine at Communion and I know what Jesus said about eating His body AND drinking His blood…I so want eternal life with Him and all the angels and saints…especially St. Theresa of Calcutta, Pope John Paul II, St. Joseph, and St. Paul…I can’t wait to talk to him!!! 

A life of surrender is not a life of defeat…it is beautiful.  If you haven’t done it, it’s hard to put into words.  It’s like trying to describe something that gives the greatest joy to someone who has never experienced something over-the-top-joyful…it makes life simple.  It makes life directed.  It makes life real.  The things that are important to me now don’t have anything to do with dollar signs.  As I sat at STM this morning, after Communion, my head was bowed in prayer and I was thinking of my own beautiful son.  I reflected on how I used to watch for him to go to Communion and receive Our Lord Jesus.  It gave me the highest level of joy to see him be able to participate in this sacrament.  I would crane to see him…this morning, during that reflection, I realized I didn’t need to crane today – he’s not there anymore, but he still goes to Mass.  I know one day – hopefully many decades away, he will know how much his mother loved him and how many prayers were said on his behalf and how many tears were shed on his behalf. 

So, no matter what you believe…you must know that Mary is indeed a special lady who deserves our love and respect.  My hope is for each of you to know her the way I do.  Same with Jesus – just ask.  They are all there, waiting.  Oh, and they don’t demand you have a relationship with them…but they certainly would love to have one with you, if you are willing…please, be willing.

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  1. My brother and his wife had their first baby – a girl – yesterday (9/8) and her middle name is Rose. They named her MONTHS ago (really, before they even knew whether it was a boy or a girl as they had names picked out for both) and I have to believe it was divine intervention that she just HAPPENED to be born on THE Rose’s birthday! Pretty cool.

    Thanks for being so open about your faith. It encourages me more than you realize. Blessings.

    • Hey, girl! Oh, wow, that is awesome…congratulations on Rose!!! I have thought that if I had to change my b-day it would be to 9/8!! I know a couple of people with that day & they are, indeed, very special. Thanks again for your kind words…I think that the older I get, the clearer the truth becomes – one day we will take our last breath in this world – the very next moment is ours to decide – where will it be? I wanna see Jesus & my parents! I want the light!

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