it’s a God-thang…


so, yeah, i’m doing my first triathlon.  i have a feeling i’ll love it.  i’ve been riding my poor old mountain bike for ever it seems like.  it’s a nice bike, don’t get me wrong.  it just isn’t a racing bike.  unless i was pointed downhill on some mountains.  then, we could talk.  but living in levee country louisiana, no, not so much.

anywho.  over a month ago, i shared this story with my daughters and now you get to read it – i  worried about my bike.  how can i compete on said piece of d0o-doo?  well, the bottom line was, i couldn’t.  and on one of my ‘training’ rides, i made peace with that.  ‘God, look at me.  i don’t know why i’m worried or what i’m worried about.  You take care of everything anyway, so here are my worries.’  with that, the feeling of inadequacy diminished completely.  i pedaled like my life depended on it!  i had this epiphany that all the worrying in the world wasn’t impressive to God and, in fact, a great waste of time that i could be using for other things that were pleasing to Him.  so, that afternoon, i told my girls, ‘i don’t know what God’s gonna do, but it’s gonna be good.  He knows i need a bike.  i just don’t think He’s gonna let me ride my black one for the race.’

so…fast forward several weeks.  hubs is home not feeling well on a day that i had planned a 20 mile ride.  he encouraged me to go cuz he was home with my step-daughter who was visiting from new orleans.  i got back almost an hour and a half later.  he asked how it was as i got back to cleaning up – housekeeper out of country – then & now.  sheesh.  anywho.  ‘great…well, yeah.   great.  almost an hour and a half but that’s as good as it’s gonna get!’  so, after questions – lots of them – he’s a lawyer…he sure likes a good long line of questioning…he furrowed his brow, quit talking, and finally said, ‘just go get the bike you need.’  ??? huh???  say what?  whatchutalkin’boutwillis?  ‘the bike i need is a road bike and it’s over $500…like waaay over…’  ‘you deserve it.’ 

Thank You, God!!!  you see, me & hubs don’t share the same passion for fitness…at all.  we’ve gotten to the point where i don’t talk much about it with him at all unless it’s to confirm a race date that i’m interested in. 

but now…it’s a little different.  he’s more understanding about training.  he has critiqued my stride in the pool.  he even talked (out of his head apparently;) about volunteering at the tri i’m doing so he can make sure to see me.  wow, dude.  now i didn’t expect any of that. 

oh, and the bike?  SUPER-FREAKING-SWEET – road bike.  i feel like God has given me wings.  oh, i guess He has!  i LOVE it. 

AND, bikes must be named, mustn’t they???!!!!  mine?  big easy.  no, not for new orleans.  because when the guy at the bike store was showing me how everything works & i pretended to understand, i thought, if i can hang onto one piece of information he’s throwing at me, i’ll be okay.  what was it?  bike dude:  ‘this big shift here, that makes you peddle easier.  the smaller shift makes it harder.’  me: ‘got it.  big. easy.’  teehee.  hey, whatever works. 

i was so happy to get that bike i couldn’t sleep the night before.  it’ll make my first tri super-sweet. 

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  1. Sweet! My husband and I can talk about fitness, in general, but running? He doesn’t get it. He REALLY didn’t get it. And then he had to make a roadtrip for work with a bunch of runners. Now? He at least gets that it isn’t easy and a lot of people do it. For FUN! 😉

    You are totally gonna rock that tri!! Can’t wait to read about it!

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