i tri’d…


my goal…i thought once i got kiddos back in school, it would be a great chance to try to do the tri distances that i will be doing on 9/11…here we are.  tuesday morning.  no housekeeper.  hubs gone to work.  kids all at school.  did my swim.  great.  didn’t push myself.  i just wanted my body to feel what it would feel doing all three sports back-to-back.  changed & jumped on bike.  that was good, too.  20 miles on a mountain bike is just hard.  i feel like i am wasting a lot of energy on a bike that is not up to snuff.  i’m not complaining.  it’s just that i know i can ride pretty fast but on a mountain bike, even with stree tires, there’s only so much you can do.  20 miles was plenty enough time to think about it, too.  i have removed doing 20 miles in an hour from the table altogether.  that is not happening.  not on my current bike.  that’s okay.  first tri & all, i’ll just be happy to finish.  had to stop twice – once for water & then again to answer college boy’s phone call.  ‘no, don’t wash anything else with your new towels.  use cold water.  tell me what you DO see on the top of the machine.’ 🙂  i enjoyed that.  stepping him through.  i knew those couple of lessons in my laundry room fell upon deaf ears.  plus, machines are different.  plus, i liked the excuse to stop in the shade.  so, bike done.  it took an hour and 24 minutes.  i went inside, briefly, to grab some more water and nutrition.  pee stop.  brownie bite by power bar (highly recommended!) in my mouth, getting the pee stop handled, i try to tighten my Zoot shoelace.  it came out.  it’s fancy.  it’s complicated.  well, shoot.  zoot.  peed, ate, sweat, fixed shoe pretty much all at the same time.  (hey, i might do okay at this multi-tasking event after all 🙂  went for run.  rationalized that if i made it to 3, approximately, i would have a nice flavor of what 9/11 will be like.  so, i did.

now?  i have the wonderful achy legs to remind me of my hard work.  i haven’t even left the house yet.  i love it.  i’m cooking, planning meals for the rest of the week, and just doing house stuff.  i really do like the achiness that comes from hard work cuz it reminds me that i am blessed enough physically to do hard work. 

so, my impression?  triathlons are HARD.  people who do them rock.  seriously.  running a marathon?  you all start at the same time, one sport, and you all run your own race, with your own tunes, own stuff.  this is so different, i know.  i really have a new appreciation for triathletes.  i think, too, that it’s an amazing way to overall fitness – swimming – no impact, pretty fun, full body workout; bike – cardio & way fun; running – different cardio & way fun.  getting off a bike and running?  weird.  do people actually get used to that feeling?  Lord, i hope so.

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  1. You crack me up! I’m sure you’ll get used to it. How long did it take you to “get used to” running 26.2 miles? Because that’s not something that *I* could ever imagine getting used to!! I like the idea of biking…but water and I just aren’t going to ever be more than “just friends”. I can’t see more than 2 inches in front of my face without glasses/contacts so I think that’s a big part of it for me. Is there such a thing as a biathlon? Cause maybe I could run and bike…someday!
    I still call my mom when I need to know how to cook/clean/wash something…and I’m almost 40! He’ll always need you, whether he admits it or not!

    • Thank you for the laughs! Yes, indeed, there are bike/run events known as duathlons. I’ve never done one. I have wanted to. Me & hubs have a ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ policy about me & my fitness passions…he doesn’t ask and I don’t tell 🙂 cheeky…seriously, he’s not into it and doesn’t like it interfering with weekends/family time, etc., so I have to be really particular about races, which are almost ALWAYS on a saturday or sunday morning…and, on 26.2…mileage build-up, really, is all it is. I found that my endurance increased exponentially, which was great…kind of like, you don’t know what you are capable of till you try…moms are the best..:)

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