it doesn’t matter where you start, but where you finish…


…LOVE that…heard it so eloquently put at my son’s 8th grade graduation by Father Russo.  Those words have stayed with me since and it’s been 4 years.  those words come in handy.  when my children feel like they have fallen short, i remind them of those words.

yesterday, i reminded myself of those words.  not to bore, but long story short – cruddy smoothie (note to self:  always OMIT granulated sea kelp from normally sweet drinks:) followed by a run in scorching heat and humidity left me walking!  for  a moment.  i intended on doing two laps (almost 6 miles).  got back home after first lap & scrapped the second lap.  i got on my bike for 4 miles.  just not good – too hot.  i was drenched.  i was trying to make up for not being able to work out for two days prior to do kiddo obligations.  so,

yeah, not completing what i intended stayed with me.  ALL day.  UNcool.  SUBpar.  NOT happening.  went on with the day, all the while, the little nagging thought of not getting my intended miles in bugging me.  so, i jumped on the treadmill mid-afternoon.  heavy legs.  i know the signs over overwork.  i heed them.  i was, however, getting through those 5,000 kilometers come hell or high water.  so, i stayed on 6 miles per hour.  half way through i went up to 7.  and i hung on.  it was hard and my legs gave up their heaviness and allowed it to move between my ears and settle into my heart.  i, mom, can’t run all out crazy fast when things aren’t totally cool around here.  that being, yes, my son.  he leaves things till the last minute (glasses/eye doctor ;(   )  i think about his empty fridge, no wi-fi, just stuff.  but, i then thought about him being 18, having knowledge of the aforementioned list, and also being in a movie with his girlfriend.  ssssscccrrreeechhh!!!!  wth?  what?  yeah.  i shucked the feelings of ‘my poor baby’ and shifted into 2500 more kilometers and i’m gonna kick their ass.  true.  so, i finished waaay stronger than i had hoped, and realized that simply finishing would have felt great, too, but finishing strong and sweaty felt friggin’ awesome. 

we each have our own race to run.  our races are all different.  some of us may start genetically gifted, some not.  rich.  poor.  doesn’t matter.  God loves us each the same.  the point is, open your heart to Him, ask Him to show you your gifts.  He will guide you.  i know He is with me in every run.  He’s with me in everyTHING.  it doesn’t matter where we start…it matters where we finish. 

wanna know the way to the best personal trainer ever????  get on your knees, close your eyes, open your mind and heart, and invite Jesus to show you the way.  24/7/365…FREE.  i dare you.  i don’t know anyone who has ever met Jesus that doesn’t like Him… 🙂

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  1. Sometimes the hard part is starting in the first place. For years I was afraid to run but once I started…I wasn’t afraid anymore.

    BondiBand has a sweat wicking headband that says “Jesus is my running coach”. Love it! I have a very close friend who just reached a monumental weight loss goal for her (but she still has a long way to go) and I wanted to reward her. I almost bought that one except she’s not a runner…yet. I sent her one that says “Pain is temporary. Pride is forever.”

    • It’s funny how when we confront our fears, they aren’t that scary after all!!!! That’s why I love trusting God so much. He thinks so far out of the box – way more than i ever could. i like His plans waaaay better! Congrats to your friend…weight-loss is not easy…

  2. Reblogged this on Southernrunningmom's Blog and commented:

    This post seems to be the most popular one that I have ever written. I enjoy revisiting it…seems like no matter where I am in my life, this post rings true…and said kiddo is now 20 – still beautiful on the inside & out – still a very thoughtful, insightful young man…he makes me proud.

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