my little mermaid :)


i can’t let this go anymore…ever since i read on run like a mother’s site about non-cheering kiddos, i have realized how blessed i am.  i already knew i was blessed; don’t get me wrong, but sometimes it’s nice to wallow in it a bit.  my girls have always been my biggest cheerleaders for my races.  and running in general, for that matter.  my son enjoys and cheers what i do quietly, which is fine.  the proof is in the pudding and he is a young man who is fit, calorie-conscious, and lives pretty green.  he and i have lots of conversations about fitness and i know he values my opinions because he heeds my advice. 

so, you know swimming is new on my radar, yes?  my 11 year old is a fish.  so is her sister.  but 11 year old sees me in the pool and almost always joins me.  this morning, i was working on 50 laps, which is pretty far for me because our pool is 60 feet long.  as i figured, here she comes, diving in, careful not to disrupt my lap-undertaking.  she began sinking down under the water and ‘appearing’ right in front of my, but at the bottom of the pool, smiling and waving.  no, it didn’t help my time doing laps, but who cares?  it was fun.  i loved seeing her down there, happy, sweet, cheering me from below.  when she began to tire of that little game, i would hear her every time i got to the other side of the pool, ‘good job, mom!’  just melted my heart.  i love that she appreciates all the goodness in her sweet little life.  i really think being born without a sense (hearing), she and her sister filter things differently than most.  i love that.  i treasure that.  i am inspired by that.  i am so blessed to be stewards of their sweet little souls. 

thank You, God.

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