“to read when you are alone…”


this is something that i write on the outside of envelopes containing letters that i have written to my son over the years.  i am telling you about it now, because i don’t want you to miss out on the opportunity to have the same experience.  about 10 years ago, on a Christian radio show, i heard a story from a dad who did this with his son.  i thought it was a great idea and borrowed it.  i have kept the letter campaign alive and well in our home!  sometimes children just need information.  sometimes we need to give them information that they can’t argue with, roll their eyes at, or otherwise dismiss…often, what goes into the letters i have written are words that i search my heart for…words that i hope will make sense of the amazing grace and love our Heavenly Father has for us…how, no matter where we are, no matter what we are, He is there, arms open, waiting for us to feel his never-ending love.  no matter what our deal is on this planet, He is there.  and no matter what our deal is on this planet, it can always get better…

so, i highly recommend memorializing certain times of a kids life with a letter, hopefully one that they will keep and re-read at some point, probably years later…that’s always my hope.



we did it.  the move.  most of the stuff that he needed.  all that is in his fridge is a 9X9 tin of homemade fudge, courtesy of yours truly…my baby’s favorite.  he and his roommate made huge strides today, getting 99.9% of their furniture in place, figuring out what else is lacking, etc.

we had lunch at whole foods.  an organic foodie’s mecca.  it is.  i anticipate going to whole foods like i anticipate a long run.  i think about it waaayy before hand.  i envision what it will be like.  i think how it will feel being there.  oh, yeah.  this is real. 

and, alas, that is where we all parted ways – me & my son & his dad & the roomie & his mom and my girlies, of course. 

so, now i’m home.  and i’m good.  i considered what type of workout i would try to cram in once i got home.  i hadn’t considered the emotional tiredness that would come home with me.  still mulling it over, i ate a whole foods salad and a stella artois beer. 

i’m not sure what, if any, workout i will get in, in light of the emotional one i had today.  i think i need to decompress.  i’m so happy my son is close to home – close enough…i’m really happy his divorce sentence is over.  he has done his time.  he has a place of his own, a place he can feel peace and solitude.  or not….i love that boy.  i know he will do well on his own. 

tomorrow is another day, thank You, Jesus, and i know it isn’t promised, but i do hope for it.  i will psych myself up tonight, knowing my glorious housekeeper will be here in the morning….knowing i can dash out for either a run or a ride, or dare i say it, a “brick”???  i am learning – this is where you ride your bike, dismount, and run without much of a break.  talk about wigging out your hamstrings & quads.  i like it.  i wonder, too, what if i swam first, and then did the two.  since it’s just training and not the real triathlon, is that then, a “trick”?  teehee.  i really did wonder. 

anywho…it’s all good.

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