wait. weight?


i never thought i would say this about swimming.  today, unequivocally, was the best workout of 2011 i have had.  hubs left early.  it was raining.  no lightning.  no thunder.  soundly sleeping girlies…i actually loved my workout.  laps.  the whole first hour.  i got out of it the same feeling of strength, confidence, and satisfaction i get on runs.  it was wonderful to feel comfortable in the water and think about each element of what i was doing, tweaking each thing my instructor taught me.  and it was raining.  it was quiet.  it was perfectly lovely.  i thought of how different it would be if my daugters were splashing around me.  i relished in the peace. 

so, wait, weight?  yes, like runs, i try to swim too fast.  okay, i’ve finally harnessed myself for the most part to run without burning out, but swimming is new territory for me.  the instructor told me ‘ssssllllloooowwww down.’  k.  i’ll try.  i realize now that my legs don’t have to frantically kick as if i’m trying to swim from pirannas (sp?).  i can do it on my own, but slap some ankle weights on me and i’m just a happy camper.  so, yes, i did that for awhile.  i think i realize now that swimmers must build up endurance, too, like runners.  i get that.  shoulders?  crucial.  i did a couple of fast laps and loved it.  i felt my shoulders powering me through and i realized all that resistance training pays off in the water! 

i thanked God repeatedly.  i remind Him everyday that i am nothing without Him and it is only His will that i wish to fulfill.  i couldn’t swim, run, or get out of bed unless He gave the okay.  i don’t want to waste the gifts He has blessed me with and i want Him to know how much i treasure everything He gives me.  i know He hears my prayers.  i know what He has promised is true.  i know with each decision that comes our way, if we do our best, our very best, to please Him…what would make Him happy?  then we ARE making Him happy. 

this is so off-topic, but i keep thinking of that little boy who got murdered in brooklyn.  omg.  i can’t imagine his parent’s anguish.  i don’t understand why they would have let him walk alone ANYwhere at 8.  i just don’t get it, but i don’t know the reasons, so i don’t want to judge…i just don’t believe this little boy won’t be in Heaven.  i think Jesus met this child and brought him to Heaven Himself.  i hope everyone lifts a prayer up to God’s ears for this child, his family, and the sick-minded murderer. 

anywho, friday is here.  gotta check on dinner.

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  1. I thought putting weights on someone’s ankles and putting them in water was something they only did in those old mafia movies. Are you sure you’re not Italian? 😉

    • Haaaa!!! You read my mind! When I first started doing that, I had this internal conversation – ‘we’re gonna put cement boots on ya, see? and then we’re gonna make you stay in the swimmin’ pool and kick like hell, ya see? you’ll get a good workout, i guarantee it.’ LOL!!!! We could start a new workout niche – ‘kick like hell or drown!’ big hit, doncha think?? : )

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