gimme a break…


i just hopped off my tm.  5K.  27:18.  i’m happy with that.  i have been working hard and working differently, and my quads have been a little disgruntled with me.  as i was trying to whittle away those 5,000 k’s, i was reminded of a run like a mother post about running faster.  my response was, ‘if you wanna run faster, you have to run faster.’  that’s it!  can’t get around it.  it’s just consistent training of those muscles, proper diet, proper rest and thoughtful hydration.  a person doesn’t just become faster.  i am sweating like a pig and i know i gave it my all.  when i am pounding it out, i think, ‘are my legs truly tired or is the issue in my head?’  99 percent of the time, it’s my head.  i make the sign of the cross, give a shout out to Jesus, and tell Him that if He says i can do it, then i know i can do it.  i had to give Him a high 5 after this morning’s run!

then, i sat down to type this entry and saw an ad that made me say, ‘gimme a break.’  “Eat yourself thin!”  please people.  are we still giving into the notion of pills curing too many elbow bends?  again, simple.  wanna lose lbs?  quit eating so much.  i count calories.  i hate doing it, but i do it.  i LOVE food.  i live in food mecca, southwest louisiana.  crawfish, gumbo, pralines, shrimp, crabs, you name it, we got it and we got it GOOD!  that doesn’t mean i have to eat it all the time!  breakfast is almost always a smoothie.  lunch – depends – sometimes another smoothie and thank goodness for larabars in between meals!  mini lara bars are about 100 calories a pop and they are good whole food nutrition that sustain me.  there’s just no way around it.  oh, and the older we get?  the slower our food metabolizes.  yes, it’s cruel.  but it’s real. 

i almost forgot – there is a great app – i think you can do it on the computer too, if your phone doesn’t cooperate.  Livestrong app for calorie counting.  it’s especially beneficial for athletic people who burn a lot of calories because it gives you a ‘net’ calorie intake – there are tons of activities to help keep track of calories burned and even more to allow you to track what you’ve eaten.  and trust me, at the end of the night, when the box of graham crackers & marshmallows is beckoning me, i can look and see where i stand calorie wise.  it’s really helpful.  last night, tho, i decided rather than ticking up my calorie intake, i simply ate a clif mojo dipped bar – omg.  talk about good, y’all.  that was it.  no more calories after that and i still ended the day on a good note.

most things don’t bug me and that little ad just did i guess.  plus, losing weight is cheap!  you don’t buy so much cuz you don’t eat so much.  drop & gimme ten.  how much do push-ups cost?  we make time for what is important to us, it’s just how we are.  if our health is a priority, it shows. 

speaking of, i am looking forward to :30 in the pool this morning! 

do something good for yourselves…and thank God you are here to do it! 🙂

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  1. You want to know what kills me? Water weight! I weigh myself every day (a habit I picked up when I was pregnant to make sure I wasn’t gaining too little/too much) and it cracks me up how I can gain 3 pounds in one day and I know darn well I didn’t eat too many Snickers bars! I have learned to let the number be just that – a number. Sometimes weight doesn’t reflect health (although I think that’s a little bit rare). I don’t count calories but I don’t burn as many as a lot of more intense athletes (like you;)). I’m content with my weight and now it’s just a matter of maintaining while still allowing for my indulgences now and then (hell0, red wine!). My husband is trying to eat healthier which means I have to cook healthier and still have it be something (most of) the kids will eat.

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