summer checkup…


well, things are going…swimmingly.  teehee.  sorry, couldn’t resist.  i love my fitness & the mix of everything i am doing.  SuperLOVE that it doesn’t conflict with kiddos and our time together.  this morning, i ran 6.  and it was 91 degrees at 8:55!  but, like i always say, running in hot humid weather, properly hydrated & fed, is great training.  the benefits are exponential.

Okay, here I am a couple of days later…yes, the 6 was sweet.  the following day i jumped on for a 10K.  that was great too.  then i had a swim lesson that was quite wonderful.  my instructor really helped calm me down in the water and helped me focus on my breathing.  wow, so much to remember just trying to get from point a to point b in the  water!  but effective.  this morning, now wednesday, i got my :30 in the pool and stopped only because i set a :30 minute time for myself.  and i’m not exhausted, secretly hating the water!  now i see why people enjoy doing laps so much.  proper breathing makes all the difference.  and i totally get why swimming is an all-over body workout.  there is not a muscle that is not moving!  reach, kick, roll, turn, etc. – everything takes a hit! but a good hit.

so, overall, i must say, i am extremely pleased with summer fitness.  i was really missing my running miles, which is why i did back to back 6 milers…oh, can i tell you?  it hit me yesterday afternoon!  i was EXHAUSTED.  i got home from everything, with my daughters, of course, yesterday around 2.  a trunkful of Target groceries was waiting.  i could have seriously snoozed at the stop light.  long story short.  i got home, offered $10.00 apiece to my daughters to take the groceries out and “de-junk” the car as we call it…they were thrilled.  i took a power nap.  well, :15 turned into almost an hour!  i was out like a light!  i needed it.  i rarely, if ever, take a nap.  when i got up to start getting dinner planned & organized, and my little gymnast ready, the house was clean and beautiful!  my girls…’mom, you were sleeping hard!’  bless their little hearts…

today?  pedicures all around! 🙂  at the nail ‘so-long’ as 10 year old calls it.  i don’t correct her.  it’s too cute.

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  1. {SIGH} I miss naps. You really are such an inspiration. I have a horrible (completely unfounded) fear of the water so I don’t see any tris in my future but you make me at least put a little blip of it on my radar!

    Nail “so-long”! LOL! Love it! And we call it the “clean car boogie” ala (she’s an organizing guru with a twist). Tonight it my very first meeting with a Catholic Moms group from our parish. I’m excited and a bit nervous – I don’t get out much! 😉

    • Ha! I know what you mean. It was one of those forced upon me naps by God, I guess!!!! And, I slept like a rock last night, to boot! I was dreadfully afraid of water, but I have to say, ‘baby-stepping’ my way in has been really awesome! I even did :30 more minutes this afternoon with my daughters! Me doing laps, and them, diving in and just loving being out there. Well, and you know, it’s a great way to cross-train. I’ve been running for over 10 years. I LOVE it, but this new thing is pretty cool. Running is my first love, though! How exciting for you to be part of a mom’s group! I don’t get out much – and if I do, it’s kid/family centered. Enjoy yourself! I found myself today missing the routine part of the school year that includes school Mass & adoration chapel and even listening to Radio Maria while I drive! I quickly dismissed the notion, knowing school will be in full swing before we know it! Have fun tonight!

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