yesterday morning.  i knew my goal was to have 1 hour in the pool.  i knew i would spend part of the time working on my stroke.  update: my bike is better with street wheels; i bought a nike bathing suit yesterday, and i have a call into our local health club to find someone to help me work further on my stroke/breathing.  anywho, so, yeah, i managed my hour.  it was great.  :30 of whatever the regular stroke is – is it freestyle?  crawl?  whatever.  :10 of weights & cardio, great ideas courtesy of 11 year old swim-mate/daughter.  then, the last :20, i did EDGE – you know, EveryDay Go Extreme.  ‘cept i did it with my ankle weights.  i LOVED it.  my deaf 11 year old daughter was trying to do EDGE with me…something was obviously lost in her lip-reading ability/my communication…course, i was kicking like my life depended on it, trying to tell her exactly what ‘we’ were doing.  Halfway into my :20 endevor, she stops, stands where she can reach, extends both her arms over her head, fingers splayed, and becomes a monster coming to get me.  it was so out of left field (kids know when i say an hour, i MEAN an hour.  I don’t ask for much.  this, it was easy, i thought.) that i just started laughing, and of course, sinking!  ‘i’m not done yet,’ i did my best to over-annunciate.  ‘i’m gonna get you,’ she retorted in her best, distorted, monster voice.  i sunk like a rock.  it was hysterical to me.  yes, we played for a bit and then i showed her my watch.  i had to tack on my playtime, but it was worth it.  still managed to get my hour in.

fast forward to the evening.  soccer camp.  i loaded up my bike, JUST IN CASE.  managed 10 miles.  while doing those ten in the scorching heat, i had a brilliant idea.  what’s this brick thing i’ve been reading about?  you know, you ride, then you immediately run.  ‘they’ say, the more you do this, the better acclimated your muscles become in the real race and you won’t feel so locked up transitioning from biking to running.  i’m down with that.  i managed to get 2 miles done before i took a fast break and then i tacked on one more (trying to duplicate the 5K portion of the tri).  i was happy because the last time i tried it, i had to walk about halfway through the first mile.  i picked up the pace after a moment, but still, me walking in the first mile?  wth?

after that, i was more than happy to set up my chair on the camp sidelines and watch our girls practicing their striker skills.  needless to say, i slept like a baby and now i have the glorious feeling of knowing i had a tough workout and survived 🙂 

i really believe getting out there in these conditions, prepared – meaning, HYDRATED and FED, adds dividends to our fitness bank accounts…

IF i end up taking a rest day today, it will be okay.  let’s just say my bike is still in the back of my yukon…today is the last day of soccer camp…we’ll see…

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  1. I’m lucky I can run a 5K WITHOUT biking beforehand, so kudos to you for doing both back-to-back! When is your tri?

    And thanks for the “hydrate” advice – I think it made a big difference in my race! (I posted about it today)

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