Great, really…got up with hubs…he swam, i did weights.  i find that if i run first, getting to weights is harder to do than if i just get a little in and then run…plus, i think i found the secret to running with kids!!!!  well, at least while kids are home on break and a mom only has like, 30 minutes or so, to get a run in.  weights!  yes, weights.  i like to run with 2 pounds on each wrist/hand and another 1.5-2 on each ankle.  before break, i would try to get one of these bad boy runs in maybe 1 time every couple of weeks or so.  but i’m liking it.  plus, when i factor in the temperature and humidity????  well, it’s a full body workout, let me tell you…noodle arms all around.  there is no resting out there with weights on each hand!  so, i definitely recommend going light – somewhere out there, trust me, what began as light is going to be kicking your ass.  in fact, when i came into the driveway, which is long, i spied hubs behind me in his car, coming in from a store run, i guess (that’s code for cigarettes, i think), i was snot-rocketing and spitting alternately.  and i didn’t care that his car was crawling behind me waiting for me to get out of his way.  i was DONE.  i had my own 4th of july display of bodily fluids spewing.  nobody said running is genteel, right?  i read my newest RW this afternoon while i ate lunch.  Lance…i LOVE that guy.  he described in his interview that he enjoys the torture that goes along with endurance sports.  i wholeheartedly agree.  there is no run too long, no temperature too hot or too cold that can stop me from getting out there & getting some fitness in!  i LOVE it! 

anywho…spent some great time with my daughter, watching her swim with her new barbie mermaid and sidekick dolphin.  i relished in the fact that she wanted this as her end-of-school-year treat.  i usually don’t indulge my children toooo much…i like to save toys & such for special occasions, but they do such an amazing job in school, given their hearing limitations, they deserve a reward.  my older daughter opted for a day of lunch and a movie – she picks the restaurant, movie, AND gets to hold the popcorn!  i love that she sees the value in doing something fun instead of buying something…else.

summer is here and i have tons of beach towels on top of my dryer to prove it!  i love it.  🙂

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  1. Good job! I, on the other hand, like to finish a workout and think that I could have done more – especially if it’s the same workout that kicked my butt a few weeks before!

    Have you ever used resistance bands? I prefer those to weights for strength training because it really forces you to use your core almost constantly (something I had trouble with). I did strength training WAY before I even considered running. Just a suggestion!

    New topic: How old were your girls before you started taking them to the movies?

    • Hey! My internal conversation I like to have about once a month is, “I guess feeling like I want to hurl toward the end of a workout is a pretty good sign, right?!” I just know I’ve pushed my body past it’s comfort zone and I really love that. I am continually amazed at what we humans are capable of handling! I do have resistance bands and use them once in a blue moon…thanks for reminding me about them! In fact, yesterday morning, I was on my incline doing sit-ups and spied them in my storage tub & thought, “Oh, yeaaaahh! My bands!!!” : ) I love mixing it up; I have heard that’s the key to fitness and I believe it. Oh, yeah, the CORE…my philosophy is whatever one dislikes the most in working out is the thing that must be addressed regularly…for me, that is my core! What else do you do besides bands for that? I like sit-ups, crunches, planks…I hold a medicine ball for added fun 🙂 occasionally…plus, like now, meaning this time of the month, I cut myself a lllitttle bit of slack 🙂

      I started taking our girls to the movies when they were about 2. Being that we have older kids, it seems like they just came along…I think that’s why even the big kids still love disney/kid movies because that was always what we could all agree on – for being appropriate for their little eyes & ears! Just the other night, my husband and I saw Hangover 2 (wow) and 4 of our other kids saw Kung Fu Panda 2!!! I am now hearing that I MUST see Panda!!!

      Talk to you soon!

  2. I sometimes like to do Pilates for my core (“the hundred” about kills me sometimes) and I use a routine from Prevention magazine for the bands (if you go to their website and search for “fastest way to sculpt” that’s the one!). My oldest daughter (4) thinks doing Pilates with me is “hard” but she does it – and then I laugh and make my stomach work even harder! When the baby (2) gets in on it I can barely make it through! 😉

    I like to mix it up, too, but mainly because I get bored. If it’s something new it challenges my mind AND my muscles! Win/win!

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