too real not to share…


Mass Sunday morning with my daughters – just the 3 of us…they dressed alike in their beautiful coral lace skirts & shiny shoes & black “big girl” shirts…as soon as Mass ended and we genuflected and were leaving, 5th grader commented, “Did you see those kids by us?  They didn’t pay attention the way they should have.  AND they didn’t hug their mom for peace.”  I didn’t say anything.  I was going to wait until we were in the privacy of our car (and where they could hear me better) before I reminded them about judging people.  IN CHURCH?  Are you kidding?  So, as we walked quietly and got into the car, I was trying to make sure I could safely leave my spot and THEN I was going to say something.  But this conversation pre-empted regularly scheduled programming:  “Look at my ribbon tie, JaJa; I braided it.”  JaJa laughed, “It looks like a penis!”  So now what?  And, after all, the way 5th grader had her ribbon braided and held at the end with a pony tail holder, it did sort of look like that…wow.

Sunday afternoon – “Mom, did you see the word I played on Words with Friends?”  No, I didn’t.  “Qat.”  “Do you even know what that means?”  (I didn’t even know it was a word but I will be storing that little gem in my quiver.)  Funny look over takes her and she gently moves her arms out to the side – “Like when you ‘quat’ down?  gosh, mom!”

I thought that was hilarious…born deaf.  ADD to boot.  Amazing in every way.  I love that girl. 🙂

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  1. Too cute…mostly! 😉 My oldest daughter (4 years old) passed gas during mass this past Sunday. {SIGH} It helped that the older ladies in front of us turned around for the sign of peace and were surprised to find 3 kids there (Daddy stayed home with the 2 year old). After mass they praised the children for how well-behaved they were. If they only knew…

    • Oh, wow! I love it! It’s always nice when other people notice how well behaved our kiddos are…love that positive reinforcement! How goes the running? Have you thought about doing another race?

      • Still running. Getting faster. The reason this whole mission for me started was a fundraiser 5K at our boys’ school in the fall. I will definitely do that one, and hopefully one more during the summer.

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