Love it!!!


i was a little panicky yesterday thinking about hubs getting oral surgery today – i don’t do well on rest days, especially forced ones!  that’s just how i am.  i do well taking it easier on myself but i don’t like totally taking off.  sometimes i do.  mostly i don’t.  so, i tried to get a good workout in yesterday, against my body’s wishes, knowing that the weekend was peeking at us and i fit runs/swims/rollerblades/etc in only when my sweet girls can accompany me.  lo and behold, i took hubs to the dentist, stocked up on soft/warm/cold/fizzy things at target in anticipation of his impending pain.  came home, ran over 4 biked almost 9 in really hot temps – like almost 90 degrees…and the wind was brutally honest 😉  just pushed me all over the place.  i loved it.  so i jumped in the shower and don’t you know that’s when the phone rang!  hubs was ready to be retrieved.  oh, lord.  dashed.  dressed.  sped. my Catholic cd playing 😉  i didn’t want to leave my hubs there any longer than necessary.  the shocker?  he was so ready to go!  he even wanted to eat lunch!  so we ate at my favorite salad place and now he’s off with his son doing baseball something.  wow.  i never know what to expect.  i thought he would have wanted to come home and crawl into bed. 

so, i got to post a blog entry 🙂

thrilled about the weekend and the warming temperatures!  i’m hoping the pool is warm…son is in bahamas.  i’m trying to give him his freedom and not call him as much as i would like 😉  now that’s a hard thing to do.  but i know i have instilled in him good things, and Lord knows i’ve consecrated him to Mary, Jesus, and God Himself mannnnny times.  so, i feel good.  i’m glad about that. 

okay, the weekend is waiting…plants need to be watered and oh, yeah…there is a deceased dove in my front garden…we found her in the driveway last night, not moving, but very alert.  so, we placed her gently among the irises.  and there she sat.  and sits.  and now, evidently, sleeps eternal ;\  my daughter ran out to check on her this morning…she’s not moving, mom.  the sprinkler sprinkled her last night and she looks like this – at which point 11 year old gazed upward, void of expression…yikes.  thank you, darling, thank you for showing me what she looks like.  wow.  okay.  party on.

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