finally went to doctor for ME…very weird.  i, thank You, God, never get sick and when i do, i just deal with it.  i was so tired i couldn’t take me anymore!  3 day zpac.  cool.  cortisone shot.  NOT cool and so not happening.  pills? old doc asks…  will they make me fat? i retort.  he laughed. i didn’t.  seriously.  you can write it, but i doubt i’ll be taking any.  and i didn’t.  i looked it up.  i’ll deal with a little inflamation.  it’s not that bad.  sheesh.

anywho.  6, you wonder, i guess?  well, last friday, i took off running and i like these kinds of running days.  i just get my warm up in and listen, interiorly, to what i should do that day.  i’m not following a strict training plan.  tear.  sigh.  snot rocket.  seriously, i love the back of my neighborhood for my runs.  i can get my fill of cross-country and it’s perfect.  i have figured out this loop.  a little asphalt, a lot of ass-kicking -field.  sums it up.  it takes about 2 of these lovely loops to reach a mile.  last friday, i knew i needed 6.  really, God?  6?  seems like a lot.  but, when i clung onto Him to be my personal trainer 24/7/365 and FREE, FREE, yes, FREE, i submitted.  it was great.  took me just like i was.  sinful.  sorrowful.  hopeful.  playful.  when He puts it on my heart, there is no arguing.  well, mostly no arguing.  i question His assuredness at times.  He affirms.  anywho, so, yep, 6.  hot.  humid.  just finished a weighted run the day before.  but i did it cuz i knew He said it’d be alright.  and it was.  it was fabulous.  so, here we are, friday again.  warm up is over, whatcha thinkin’ Big Daddy????  6.  LOL.  i’ve been “sick”.  c’mon.  really.  6.  wow.  okay.  6 it shall be.  i did it.  it was great.  it was fab.  I ended up with 5.75 miles for the run. 

He knows it all, anyways, right?  if He says i can do it after feeling fatigued & stopped up, then i can do it.    just gotta trust.

today is a good friday.  college graduation tomorrow for one of my favorite people…she is amazing.  she inspires me.  i love that girl.

my beautiful son got his graduation gift from his dad & grandmother today – a beautiful new car!  he was so over the used one he got 2 years ago.  we both pretty much wanted to sledgehammer it.  i’m sure it might be of use to somebody. 

gotta go get my girlies and get the weekend started!

on a nutritional note – i am trying to increase my protein intake.  it ain’t easy for someone who eats precious little meat.  i keep thinking about it, but i can’t get there.  eeww.  ick.  don’t want it.   guess i’ll boil some organic eggs and eat the whites.  or maybe i’ll just quit reading about how much better i would be with more protein. ;]

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