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As I was just responding to The Mommy’s comment, I realized I needed to blog about it!  I mentioned to her that my relationship with running is better than it has ever been and this is so true!  I used to flip out before a race, wondering if I had done enough (I always have done enough;) and I worried about hydration, etc.  Hydration is indeed something that must be considered.  But I would carry my own in a marathon.  I haven’t done that in any lengthy races in a good long while, at least a couple of years.  Here in South Louisiana, though, there are some races that are extremely humid.  I mean, the streets are just wet with dew.  I have definitely carried a hand-held hydration thingy.  I mean, you’re running fast, sweating, AND it’s humid & warm out??? 

Anywho, I feel like I am a purist when it comes to running and I love that.   Actually, RW had a quiz to find out what one’s running style was, and that’s what I was labeled.  It fits.  I like it.  So, now, when I’m out there, I just do it.  It feels good to me.  I know I am capable of running almost any distance (I would adore an ultramarathon!).  I don’t even have anything on the books right now.  Nada.  I’m looking and thinking.  Hubs wants me to qualify for Boston.  Mmmm.  Okay.  That takes lots of training.  I have to shave almost 15 minutes off my personal best.  That ain’t easy, folks.  I can do it.  I know I can do it.  But, hubs gets cranky about 3/4 of the way through training.  Just makes me say, “Oh, shit.”  I mean, I’m committed at this point, right?  I can’t just start slacking when the long runs start coming.  But that is historically what has happened with each of my 5 marathons.  I always end up cutting out at least a couple of long runs and I pay for it with my finishing times.  I have always managed a 20 miler or two before hand, but if you have ever looked at training plans, they are serious.  So, if I had my way, I would do the Louisiana Trails 50K (counts as an ultra!) just cuz I really love running cross country, which is at the beginning of November.   Then, I’d do a full, Boston Qualifying race in January.  That would give me enough time to recuperate before Boston.  BUT I’m sure Boston would be full by then.  So what in the hell am I talking about???  I don’t know.  I would rather do the Trans-Rockies Run more than those two races I just mentioned put together! 

Time will tell.  I am just unpacking & getting my house “organized” (organized chaos)…Hubs was home sick.  Video filming fever hit – everything was on hold getting that going.  It was over.  Hubs relapsed.  HARD.  Home.  Sick.  Lots of organic chicken noodle soup and Lysol.  Easter vacation.  18 year old son’s birthday.  Same kiddo’s graduation coming up.  Just a whole lotta glorious life pouring over us.  Loving it.  For sure. 

So, I’m gonna get my act together and hit the road.  I’m feeling like I have taken that gift of a long run and stretched it out – I ran over 5 miles yesterday, too, actually a little longer than the raining 5+ I had the day before.  Oh, who am I kidding?  The way my life is, hubs can pull the plug at any time on a nice long run due to some immediate need…actually, while I was running yesterday and thinking of this gifted long run that I have waiting for me, I considered that very thought.  So, my mantra yesterday was “run today because who knows what tommorow may bring!”  So true.  On so many fronts.

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  1. You’re so sweet! Thanks for answering me! At this point, it is 100% mental. I worry (by nature) and I’m worried about darn near everything – weather, shoes, the kids being there, etc. My husband asked me yesterday what I was planning to do after this race. My answer? Sign up for the next one! He simply said, “Can you pick one with an afternoon start?” LOL! He’s NOT a morning person and we’ll be leaving as the sun rises to get me to the start on time. But? At least he’s there for me.

    My son’s best friend’s mother (got that?) is an Ironman Triathlete and she’s trying to convince me to at least try a half-marathon sometime. She’ll give me a training plan (which would be like having a coach, I guess) and I actually think I can do it…sometime!

    Chaos is a way of life around here. My last couple of runs before the race this week are up in the air as I am home alone with the kids while my husband and his sister bring his mom back here to be admitted to a nursing home. Crazy.

    • Oh, wow! It does seem like the heat turns up at home right before the big day! Something always seems to go awry! Before I ran the Baton Rouge Beach Marathon two years ago, my daughter had to go to the ER with what we thought was appendicitis! Turned out it wasn’t. BUT, we still had an hour’s drive, mostly over water, in very icy/snowy conditions – very unusual for our neck of the woods! Hubs asked me if I really wanted to still do it and I told him, I did my training and I’m doing my race! So, there it was. Our motley crew did it! Hubs was pretty great, I must say. He camped out with my daughters in the room while I had my way with 26.2. Oh, and with a 24 degree start!!! I couldn’t feel my butt muscles for the first 8 miles! I know, there are no afternoon races. We have a couple of evening races throughout the year. I love those. Way to hang in there, sister! It’ll be great!

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