Dear Jesus,


no running.  video.  no running.  video.  gotta help get this video-thingy going.  and i am helping my never-known-to-me-to-be-such-a-promoter-hubs…wow, dude.  you should see him in action.  hollywood has nothing on him.

anywho.  Mass this morning.  i was not allowing that one to be pushed off the table.  thank God i didn’t.  as it turned out, it was the last senior all-school Mass.  immediately, i saw things in a whole new light.  keep in mind, i absolutely LOVE STM Mass.  LOVE it.  i look forward to it.  anywho, i looked at the seniors, sitting up front like always.  but i really LOOKED at them.  i saw their sweet goodness that God created in each of them and i was BLOWN AWAY.  they are beautiful, the whole bunch of them.  they put their arms around each other, they sing, happily.  they are exquisite little beings, pretty much finished with this chapter, but no where near ready to get off the potter’s wheel.  Father had a beautiful message about mission statements.  i will write about that.  i must.  it was wonderful. 

i was doing fine in Mass, really.  till it was time to extend the peace of our Lord with one another.  then, the tears fell.  i sat in the parents’ section, but amidst many students.  as each one turned to shake my hand, their eyes were welled up with tears.  like mine.  i was so happy to be united there with them.  i was so happy to not be alone.  but then i was sad because i knew what they were feeling.  it was just awesome.  all the goodness of what lies ahead, all the sadness of leaving all THIS behind.  i held it together enough to not make an idiot of myself.  i could have just let it rip into a full blown crying jag.  but i didn’t.  the peace we extended to one another was a true desire to reflect the love of our Lord Jesus.  we all knew it, too. 

so, then i thought, “get it together, listen to the song.”  are you KIDDING?  The Fragrance Prayer.  forget about it.  i learned that song at STM.  i was so moved by it, i put it on my Ipod.  i was so touched by it, i looked it up and realized it was actually a prayer that Mother Theresa helped craft.  the reason it moved me so much was “Dear Jesus…” that’s how i begin my prayer.  all of them, and people, there are LOTS.  that’s kind of my salutation to Him, like, “hey, it’s me, do you have a moment?”  He ALWAYS does.  i LOVE that. 

so, now i type, waiting to hear from said senior…get ready for this.  he checked out early to get to baton rouge to go through the orientation and testing.  he and his friend.  he went to his car to come home.  his beloved car – broken into, his 16th birthday gifts stolen – his navigation/sound system screen – gone.  his IPod that he treasures – gone.  he is sick about it.  not only that, but the thieves drilled into his lock.  so, now he can’t open his car.  he’s in a bad part of town.  an hour away.  irritated that thieves are in his midst.  locked out of his car.  waiting for AAA.  i told him to get in his car, drive to TJ Ribs and eat dinner on me – bless my baby’s heart.  he is such a good person and would give his last dollar and his shirt to a stranger.  he didn’t deserve this.  i love that boy so much. 

life calls.  kids fight.  i never blog this late.  had to get some of that off my chest.

peace.  Lent is coming to a close.  Holy Week begins Sunday.  If you haven’t participated in this beautiful week, do yourself a favor, and go to where a church celebrates Palm Sunday.  LOVE it.  you won’t be sorry.  do something good for Him, won’t you?  He did something amazing for you…peace out.

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  1. The very first time that I ever voluntarily attended Catholic mass (meaning not a funeral or wedding) was when my now-husband and I took his mom to Palm Sunday. I would be lying if I said it was life changing but, I guess, in a way it was. I haven’t missed it since (except when I was sick with a breast infection after my oldest daughter was born). It is my favorite service of the year. Easter has always been my favorite holiday and I can’t wait (this year it’s the day after my birthday)!

    • I love it, too! What a great time of year to celebrate your birthday! I love the Palm Sunday service. I love knowing that our “unused” palms will be burned for next Ash Wednesday, and the circular-ness of it all. Knowing that Jesus came into town on a donkey, KNOWING what was in store for Him, and just continuing on His journey, knowing His Father had His back…dying for the ungodly…just gets me. This Sunday puts me in a place that helps me through the whole week of Holy Week. Each passing year, Our Lord’s Passion affects me more and more…wisdom with age, I guess. Peace, sista! How’s the running going??

      • My MIL was raised 2 doors down from their parish church (read: very old school Catholic). She always told me that she knew when a thunderstorm was going to be bad because her mom would burn palm. LOL! It’s a bittersweet mass this year because I will ALWAYS think of her…and my husband’s family has just decided to put her into a nursing home (Alzheimer’s). Send up a prayer for them if you think of it, ‘kay?

        Running is going a lot better than I ever thought it would. I’m old (about to turn 39) and I never thought I could get faster – just further – but I am! Don’t get me wrong, I’m still s-l-o-w, but still.

      • I’ll definitely send up a prayer…wow, I’m sorry about that. What a difficult decision. My sister has had similar dealings lately and it sure is not easy. You are NOT old, sister! You can get faster and further, just depends on your goals. I say good for you getting moving! That’s the whole key. I do a lot of different things – walk, rollerblade, run, pool run/workout when the weather is nice, whatever is in my head at the time…I do look at goals and races, though and that often dictates what I do. I’m going to do one of my favorite 5K’s on April 30, Festival International 5K, here in Lafayette, LA. My main love – the t-shirt. 🙂 Can’t wait to get a run in on Monday, I am hoping. Been a busy time lately with family obligations…

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