for real



long weekend.  good weekend.  toyed with idea of a workout & threw that off the table.  i rollerbladed yesterday & really have my sight set on a long run this week coming up. 

sleepover pick-up, Mass, Peter Pan ballet, Hop late feature, mexican restaurant for dinner, boiled crawfish for dinner a different night, a really drunk to the point of wondering who you are  in our house and i had to make his reaking a$$ a sandwich just to absorb the alcohol and he wouldn’t puke on his dad on the way home, a couple of smoothies, a nap in the sun, hot tub, seriously about 10 loads of laundry…these are things that filled my weekend.

this evening – i’m typing stuff on the computer, trying to get & keep tickets & seat assignments organized for friday nights shindig – all the while 11 year old is continually asking me to take her to the park down the street so she can show me the new see-saw.  finally, yes, we can go for 20 minutes.  after i internally freakout about senior son’s powerpoint presentation that isn’t done.  is it started?  well, i have some ideas, he says.  you’re a senior, you better not blow this.  mom, i’m going to my friend’s at 9 tonight when he gets back from his brother’s to finish it.  oh, Lord.

park.  cooool seesaw.  pebbles in sandles.  bees flying crazy on perimeter.  i spot a place to sit to park my bootie & watch my girlies have fun.  i was trying to get to my camera app.  trying.  ‘mom, you gotta watch this!’ i’m watching.  ooooooh!  smack, 4th grader just smacks her face on the quickly rising part of the seesaw.  oh, baby!  i scramble/wade through dagger pebbles, trying to get my hands on her, still in her church clothes.  she jumps off her end and runs so fast to the end of the park in all her freaked-out-ness, i told her sister, ‘i wish i had THAT run on film.  wow, that must be a record 100 meter run!’ gathered 4th grader with bitten lip, get her home, assuring her on the 1/2 mile ride there she is NOT losing a tooth.  5th grader is teary, ‘i went too hard on her, mom!  i’m soooo sorry!’

we get home.  ice.  water.  further inspection.  ‘sall good.  to fifth grader, i say, ‘why don’t you go take your shower & wash your hair right now and then you’ll be all done with that.’  ‘no, mom,’ she retorts, ‘i’m tired & too upset over what i did to my sister.’  ‘okay, a.m., she’s fine.  really, no big deal.  and, not to hurt your feelings, but you stink.  k?’ i PROMISE i did not make this up:  ‘mom, that’s cuz i just farted.  like 10 seconds ago.’  LOL.  oh, man, never a dull moment.  ‘a.m., you stunk way earlier, okay?  just do as you’re told.’

Thank You, God, for bringing my baby home safe from Lady Gaga.  I was so worried he would be sitting by some freak using drugs.  As it turned out, there was “an old lady” on one side, and “a fat lady” on the other.  Neither of whom, from what I understand, did anything more than rock out to Lady Gaga in their seats!  Wow.  Did we get lucky or what????

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