not what i expected


“Don’t the kids have school today?”  asked hubs, against the glorious background of dawn breaking and rain still falling & thunder still rumblin’…”Hmmm?  Yeah, they have school?!”  “Don’t freak out, but look at the time.”  6:44 a.m.  Oh, yeah, my Iphone died during the night and i slept an extra HOUR!  I didn’t freak.  it was what it was…got girls up, lunches made, batteries changed, fm systems hooked up, even took a phone call from son on land line, “Hello?”  “Mom, where is your phone?”  “Oh, it died during the night.”  “Really?  Do you know what time it is?”  Made me laugh…so out of character for me.  The last time we slept through an alarm was when we were going to Belize in December!  Yikes.  That was worse.

Anywho, I just prayed & knew God had my back, as always.  With not a scintilla of freaking out, we stopped for donuts & milk to go, drove to school, 25 miles away, and were only 5 minutes late.  There was still a teacher’s aide outside to help the kids out of the car due to the terrible, yet marvelous, storm that had roared through. 

Kids safe.  I’m going home.  get my stuff done and then get to family obligations…my stuff being a workout.  ring-ring – can you come to my office?  sure, hubs.  anything for you.  you keep this big ship of ours sailing, so i would never complain.  he never does.  bless his heart.  i love that man.  needless to say, i left his office in time to meet senior high school son, which was delightful, over subway sandwiches, and then it was time to go to adoration.  i had a :30 minute window…what’s a girl to do?  Oh, i did squeeze in a 1.25 mile walk somewhere in there.  oh, so i ran into ann taylor, found a perfect dress on sale!!!! 29.00.  oh, yeah.  size 4.  too big.  can this day get any more perfect???  size 2.  adoration chapel.  words can’t express.  best buy.  return.  mall.  bought new makeup!!!! hadn’t done that in years.  i’ve relegated myself to target makeup…not terrible.  but not Chanel, either, folks.  there’s something about paying $105.00 for powder and foundation that i just really LOVE.  that’s the good stuff, y’all.

home.  ran.  bright pink shoes.  rode bike.  fixed dinner.  talked to ex.  made plans for son. 

it’s just one of those days that turned out great.  i’m so thankful.  i’m looking forward to mass in the morning at STM.

Oh, and another thing – while i was in adoration, my beautiful son came in to see me, briefly.  dropped off his graduation supplies that had arrived.  a little later, while i was kneeling in prayer, he came back!  he was actually supposed to be in p.e. and they were playing basketball.  some of the boys were on a field trip to UL.  he chose to come hang out with me in the adoration chapel!  there’s something about him cutting class to come spend time there that just warms my heart and soul.  i love that boy.  i surely do.

there i was, thanking God for all the goodness he has showered us with, and all the while my son was right there by my side, my arm resting on his shoulder, trying to transfer all the good stuff i was getting into his spirit.  it must have worked because he is a beautiful spirit.  thank You, God.  Today was definitely not what I expected!

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