too much of a good thing…


what a weekend!  it was great, really.  beautiful weather.  two soccer games yesterday.  i even managed to sandwich in a 5K on my treadmill between games!  wow!  the idea came to me while i was on my way home from the first game – girls had sleepover on Friday night, one kiddo went home before first game, then second kiddo was going home before second game.  we would be home for…oooooh, about 45-50 minutes.  girls were happy to play and i jumped on tm…i broke 25:00!!!!!!!!!!!! that was a long time coming…before i sprained my ankle, i aspired to do this.  i get on the treadmill about 1 time a week, and i really enjoy the workout.  people say that treadmills are not calibrated correctly, yadda, yadda, yadda, but i say who cares?  if you run on the same ‘mill consistently, whether it’s at home or a health club, you have your baseline to judge…i knew i was not getting below 25 minutes no matter how hard i tried.  and tried i did. so, i warmed up at 7 mph; that’s fast for me.  then i began toggling between 7 & 8 mph, just about every 100 meters.  some intervals felt so great, i did 200 meters.  oh, and i’m also trying to keep my endurance very strong on the end of the 5K.  5ks are hard, y’all!  3.1 miles can be a stroll in the park, or they can kick you right in the a$$.  i’ll take the latter.  a marathon is a feat of endurance.  you have time to run slowly when you feel you want to…depending on your goal.  i’ll talk about that at a different time.  so, yeah, 5ks are friggin’ hard, sure to make cooked spaghetti out of your legs.  i like it.  i can’t deny it.

so, when i finished in 24:51, i felt victorious!  i’m a mom & wife, for cryin’ out loud.  this may not seem very significant to many, but to me, this is really big and I am happy to have met my goal.  it inspires me to do more.  “if I can do that, then maybe i can…” you get the idea.

went to Mass with daughters this morning.  hubs wanted to go with his son this evening.  i loved our mass.  Father Mouton hit it right out of the ballpark again with his homily.  nutshell:  empty spaces in our hearts will never be filled with things of this world, only with Jesus.  this recap certainly does not do him justice, but it was an amazing homily.

i cooked lots of stuff today i don’t normally cook or serve…golf tourney food…slow cooked brisket sandwiches, crab dip, onion dip, petit fours, cookies…way too many good things.  i feel full.  in a bad way.  eeww.  like, i will literally be running my a$$ off tomorrow, just to shuck the calories i took in today! 

i enjoyed myself.  i cut myself some slack.  it is our anniversary today, too.  i told hubs i totally get why God made Sunday a day of rest.  today my body just wanted and needed downtime.  so that’s what i did.  i ate too much.  tomorrow i won’t.  i didn’t beat myself up over it.  i figured if i was gonna eat things that were delicious, i was gonna enjoy every bite.  so i did!

now the weekend is winding down and the sun is changing my light to that soft bluish-amber that i love so much.  birds are going home for the night.  the tournament is closing up for another year.  fresh sheets on the bed.  girls uniforms are out.  my face is even exfoliated!  wow.  oooh, gotta take out the trash. 

okay, so you know what today is, right?  the third Sunday of Lent.  come on, y’all.  do something.  anything!  if you did something small, congratulations.  now do something else.  go on, now.  anything at all that you think would please God.  so you know, we have two more Sundays of Lent and then Holy Week starts.  I LOVE HOLY WEEK.   I do.  I truly do.  For Roman Catholics, we immerse ourselves in the beautiful traditions of our faith.  my sweet daughter asked me at Mass this morning, when we were looking at the readings and the weeks leading up till Easter, “When do we get to kiss Jesus’ feet?”  I truly adore that she loves that part of Holy Week as much as me. 

peace, y’all.

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  1. So, how old before they start to get what Mass is all about? My Youngest Boy was sick this weekend (he gets asthma when he’s sick and had to stay home near his nebulizer) so just Oldest Boy and I went. He’s going to make his First Holy Communion on May 1st but he was fidgeting during the homily. I told him there was going to be a test so he had to pay attention. He looked a little panicked and said, “How do YOU know?” “Because I’m going to give it!” And I did. And he passed. Whew!

    Can you tell me how to make petite fours? I start craving sweets by 10AM on Ash Wednesday so I start planning what to make for Easter morning REALLY early…Last year I made mini raspberry cheesecakes – and ate half the batch myself!

    Congratulations on the run! I shaved about 30 seconds off of my treadmill 5K and am anxious to actually run outside so I can figure out how to pace myself. I’ve never done that and my race is May 8th. I downloaded an app for my iPhone but it’s supposed to rain here and I might not be able to use it.

    • You know, I think some boys are just really good at being boys. I go to Mass at my son’s high school, and still see him with gum in his mouth, DURING Mass! I’m horrified. It’s all I can do to keep my seat and not go over to him with an extended arm & upturned, cupped hand. 😉 I think as moms, we can only do what we can do. Maybe ask your little guy what he likes about Mass. Is there a children’s mass at your church? Our kids used to like that a lot. I also have some child rosary dvds and prayer dvds…they enjoy that a lot, even now. And my attitude is I truly absolutely ADORE Mass. My family knows that. My son once asked me, “what do you like to do besides go to Mass and run?” So, I guess what I’m saying is, you are passing on good things to him (and all your kids) by the person you are. He’s getting it, even if he’s acting like he’s not. And boys are sooo good for acting like they aren’t getting something! And you know, talking to your kids about Mass and what was read is good to do at some point after it’s over. I try to make it a point to ask my son about the Homily he heard at his school mass. And at his age, ‘what did you think of the priest?’ ‘who is your favorite priest who says Mass at school?’ kids love answering questions, i think. especially younger ones.

      I wish I could tell you how to make petit fours. We have a French bakery in town, Poupart’s – the owner is from France and this place is to-die-for good. So, I decided I can’t improve on an already perfect thing. Those things are very expensive, though! So, we just buy them for special occasions.

      thanks! i was so excited to finally get what i’d been chasing! Good for you! 30 seconds is a lot! I have an iphone, too. I love it. there are some really good rosary apps and prayer apps. i’ve used mine dozens of times since i’ve gotten them. the Chaplet of Divine Mercy is a good one. i think these apps are handy if you are somewhere where a rosary might not work. i use mine in waiting rooms, etc. you’ll do great on May 8!

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