Friday.  I love Fridays.  I love seeing my children exit the bus with their happy little faces and light backpacks & empty lunchboxes flailing behind them.  Today both my girls have a friend coming home with them.  That’ll be fun.  Very sweet friends.  Thank you, Lord.

The golf tournament has begun out here.  Louisiana Open.  Very cool happenings.  Lots of business and excitement.

Hubs & I are taking our kiddos out to dinner tomorrow night to celebrate our anniversary.  We are trying to iron out mass plans.  I want to go before dinner tomorrow evening; he wants to go Sunday. 

I rode my bike this a.m. before all the traffic poured in.  I ran, too.  I had to stop so many times – my right calf & shin were burning.  I couldn’t get it right.  I would stretch it out front & back & even paid attention to my hip flexors & ankles, but nothing seemed to “stick”.  I’d get going again and sure enough I’d have to stop.  I attribute the pain to my lovely Vibram 5 fingers.  I guess I don’t know how to get used to them.  My legs were very tender yesterday, the day after I ran a few miles in them.  It just feels so good while I’m running; I guess I need to remember how bad I feel a couple of days later.  Maybe I need to reduce my “getting used to them” miles.  A week from Saturday is an evening race in River Ranch and I was hoping to race for the first time in them.  It’s a 5K and very even surface.  I’m thinking about it.

No adoration chapel for me this week.  No STM Mass either. I miss them both. 

Gotta get my stuff figured out if I’m gonna have 4 little girls home soon!

Peace.  How’s Lent going?  Well, I hope.  It’s never too late.  Make a plan if you haven’t already.  Pick one small thing that will be pleasing to God and do it – either stop something or start something or both.  But do glorify Him.

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  1. I gave up sweets – which is something I have done every year since well before I even considered becoming Catholic. I eat something sweet after every meal so AT LEAST three times a day I think of the sacrifice that Christ made for me. Works out well on so many fronts.

    I shared a beer with my DH at a hockey game last night..and thought of you. How about we make a deal? Once a week I’ll drink a beer for you and you have a piece of chocolate for me? We can live vicariously for Lent! 😉

      • The ONLY way I don’t like chocolate is in cake (I know, strange). My husband buys me these fantastic truffles every year for Christmas – Betsy Ann Chocolates – and I absolutely love them with a nice glass of red wine (usually Chianti) on a Saturday night. It’s my big treat for the week but I have never finished the box before Lent! THAT is a big temptation…but I don’t cheat, even on Sunday (seriously, what’s up with that rule?!?!).

        The only year that I didn’t abstain from sweets was the year I was pregnant with our youngest – which was also the year I went through RCIA so I figured I was doing more than enough. I’m faithful, but I’m not crazy! 😉

      • Yum, I’ll have to keep my eye out for those truffles! Chianti is yummy, too. I went through RCIA, too! I didn’t get confirmed when I should have, and after lots of life happening, I said that was enough! Oh, and talk about being convicted by the Holy Spirit right in Mass! For me, it was about not being in good standing with the church and not being able to receive Holy Communion. Wow, was that a long wait! But worth every second!

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