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“The Bible doesn’t say…” feel free to fill in the blanks, my fellow Roman Catholics.  I read the Bible.  I LOVE the Bible.  As a Roman Catholic child growing up in the 70’s, I didn’t realize our Sunday Missal was taken from the Bible.  I was pleasantly surprised to realize this. 

Unfortunately, just as I reached an age when I needed a parent’s hand on my shoulder to guide me in the way I should go, all hell broke loose in my world.  My dad got sick with cancer when I was 6.  He died when I was 8.  My mom, not having much support of her own, slowly removed herself from lots of things…including me, due to lots of reasons, including finanacial.  She had to go to work after being a stay at home mom.  She became depressed.  She drank.  She took valium.  She was impossible to wake up if I needed something.

This all kicked in high gear right about the time I was at the crucial age of 12.  Anywho, I had a huge gap that I didn’t work on my relationship with God.  I made terrible choices and was led by terrible people to do terrible things.  With no consequences by my mom.  God was watching, though.  He is always watching.  Didn’t know.  Found out.  Thank GOD.

Anyway, so now, fast forward and I have made up lost ground and then some in my relationship with God.  He has guided me in the way that I should go.  He has guided me in the type of parent I should aspire to be.  He has guided me in the type of wife I should be.  He gave us the Holy Family as an example for us.  That’s not the only reason, of course, but the Holy Family is a wonderful example for us…especially those of us who don’t have good examples under our own rooves, where we should feel most at ease.  Most comfortable.  Safest.  Secure.  You get the picture.

So, Lent.  Here we are.  Geez, I could use a beer.  Very cold.  Thank you very much.  I won’t.  I’m doing all that I should.  I’m leaning on Him when the going gets tough.  And it does get tough.

I’m not completely sure what the Bible says about the sacrifices we make during Lent.  I’ve been bombarded with those who mock the not eating of meat on Fridays during Lent.  “That’s not even in the Bible!”  So????  What’s your point?  Is it not an agreement we have with our chosen church, that being Roman Catholic?  Do you think the Pope eats meat on Fridays during Lent?  It’s a sacrifice to unify ourselves with the suffering of Jesus.  It’s what we do.  It’s what our church tells us we must do.  It’s part of our relationship with our church.  Just do it.  Do you only accept the good parts of the relationships you have with your day-to-day mates???  Doubtful.  I really do want that beer.  But I’m not going to have it.  It might seem silly to someone who doesn’t walk this path with me.  I don’t care.  God knows what is in my heart and He knows why I do the things I do. 

I will continue to honor Him in any way that I can.  I will continue to ask His forgiveness when I have sinned or just not done what I know I should have.

I have more to say on the issue.  However, I’m really looking forward to seeing my sister today.  So, I had to purge at least part of my brain on this issue. It’s too important. 

If you are Roman Catholic, please live our faith.  It’s beautiful and fulfilling.  There are no words to do justice what is here when you take advantage of the graces our Lord has put out before us. 

Someone asked me what I liked about being Catholic.  I’m Roman Catholic.  I LOVE the tradition.  I love the unity.  I love the prayer.  I love the meditation on the Passion of our Lord.  I love that every part of my day is filtered through Jesus.  When I go to Mass and prepare to receive Communion, I have butterflies in my stomach.  I have butterflies now just thinking about it.  We are so blessed to receive our Living Lord Jesus.  He is THERE in Mass with us.  I don’t think a lot of people get that.  Think about it.  Pray on it.  If you ask God for something good, you’ll get it.  Then some.  He is not to be outdone.

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  1. I followed a link here from a running site (RLAM, I think). I stayed because I’m a relatively “new” Catholic and am raising 4 Catholic kiddos (who attend/will attend parochial school). It is sometimes hard to defend our faith…and while I know that some “rules” are man-made THERE ARE REASONS FOR THEM THAT MAKE COMPLETE SENSE.

    I screwed up a bit on Ash Wednesday (I sort of added bacon bits to the potatoes without connecting that to “meat”. Yes, I am occasionally an idiot. ). But the awesome thing about it? I am forgiven because I said I was sorry and asked for that forgiveness. Amazing, huh? God bless. And keep running!

    • Yay for you! I applaud you on so many fronts! I truly love our Catholic education. I love our Catholic traditions. You are right – it can be hard to defend our faith. But you know what I think the best defense is? Living by example. It sounds like you do a good job of that. People who know me and disagree with my lifestyle/Catholicism for whatever reason, cannot argue that I am not a good example for Christ. I strive for that each and every day. I know He smiles on me and loves my effort. And isn’t that forgiveness great?? I love that part, too. He is an awesome, loving, ever-faithful, LIVING GOD! Thanks for your kind words. I just got back from a run! You keep on, too! Peace…

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