Aid station


When I arrived at Mass this morning, this second Sunday of Lent, I was my usual self.  Happy to be there, ready to get in there & soak up the Son. 

So, we go, get our places, I hit my kneeler and had the oddest revelation – for me, getting to Mass today was like reaching an aid station during a long race…Lent is intense.  There is a magnifying glass we Catholics must hold over our lives – spiritually and otherwise…because at this point, we are tying it all together, right?  40-some-odd days of not taking our foot off the pedal, just digging in…like the endurance race of all time, we want to finish strong.  We go for days (miles) at a time, doing our best, hoping it’s enough.  Then, lo and behold, a sign – “aid station ahead” – aaaaahh, a sigh of relief – water, Powerade, carbs, sugar, stopping for a moment to replinish our tanks!  We soak it up quickly and effectively.  Press start on Garmin and hit the road again. 

So, this morning, I felt like I was coming into an aid station as my knees hit the kneeler.  God, am I okay?  Am i doing enough?  My head hurts.  I’m hungry.  I want to reflect YOU.  I want to be like Mother Theresa – all the lightness and grace she had showered down upon her sweet, little existence.  Oh, God, make them stop waving around their $20.00 bills their Dad gave them! Use me, God, I’m yours…

As crazy and disjointed as those thoughts/prayers are, God gets ME.  He so gets me.  And He LOVES me.  Just like I am.  A prayerful, sinful, babbling mess.  He takes me in, feeds me, hydrates me, checks me over, and sends me back out to keep on running my race, all for HIS GLORY.  He keeps me honest and keeps on moving the envelope, knowing what I can do…I love Him for that and everything else.

I love Lent.  How ’bout you?  It’s not too late, you know, and He takes us just like we are NOW.  At this moment.  Just ask. 

Like Father Mouton said this morning, he promised us, that if we kneel down and honestly put it all out there for God, take part in Communion, give thanks and praise, we WILL leave differently.  I know that.  I believe that.  I guess that’s why I love Mass, too.  He feeds my soul and my soles…gives me strength and ability to run farther than I’ve ever thought I could.  Just dig in and hang on.  He’ll take you places you never imagined because HE is that big!  Thank you, God.

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