“Mom, you’re still in your pajamas!!!”


“Can I have an omelet with cheese, onions, and crawfish?  Oh, and a pancake?  I love pancakes.”  “Crawfish?  I don’t have time to peel crawfish!” 

Not what you would expect to hear in a restaurant, right?  It was the exchange between me & my son.  My senior son.  My son who I am soaking up like a sponge during his last year at home.  Speaking of, he found a place yesterday that he loves in Baton Rouge.  Sigh. 

So, yeah, that’s what he was ordering from me last night before bed.  He said he would peel the leftover boiled crawfish in fridge.  Yeah, right.  Like he would return his shoes that should have gone with the tux.  No biggie.

5:45 a.m. – melodious harp rouses me.  Get in the kitchen!  Peel those crawfish!  Beat those eggs!  Make those pancakes!  Chop the onions!  Oh, and then wake up girls.  Scramble to find uniform, the heck with eggs!  Oh, it’s Friday.  Gotta change 9 cochlear implant batteries!  Find 2 FM systems!  Plug in securely.  Oh, darn, one’s in the car.  Don’t forget it.  Pour 2 bowls of cereal.  Fix 2 glasses of water.  WITH ice, please.  don’t forget the ice.  oh, and a glass of chocolate milk, when you have time.  And a cloth dinner napkin, I don’t wanna waste paper towels.  (She got me.)  Make the omelet.  Make the pancake.  Offer to sweet junior boy.  No, thanks.  Not that hungry.  Just a banana.  And OJ.  Nice. 

so, after this chaotic orchestra is done, my 5th grader exclaims, “Mom, you’re still in your pajamas!”  “Yes, I know.”  “Wow, you’re never in your pajamas before we go to school.”  (I’m thinking, yeah, and ususally my teeth are brushed about now.  And I’ve spritzed my 6 year old Victoria Secret vanilla-something body spray.  And stuck the hair into a pony.)

No worries.  I knew I could pull it off.  And I did.  Everyone has gone to school with happy tummies and happy hearts.  All prayed up, too.  Me?  Teeth will get brushed momentarily.  Hair will get a little attention.  I will figure out what shoes I will run in.   Don’t sweat the small stuff.  I even got two thank-you’s from my senior son this morning.  wow.  that was nice.  he’s so beautiful.  so thoughtful.  such a good spirit.  i know he will do great when he takes off to spread his wings.  it’s hard to be sad about that when I see what a remarkable young man he is turning into.  i will miss him like nothing else, but i know he’ll be fine.  I see the Holy Trinity at work in his life.  I’m very proud of him…

Okay, on with the day!  Oh, and I’ve already de-leafed the fountain, and fed all the birds!  Sounded like we live in jungle this morning!  Loved it!

Thank Him, y’all…

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