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I can’t believe I just blogged this morning!  Wow, dude.  Okay, guess this is kind of a make-up post for not posting for every day of Lent.  Anywho, I bought a $21-some-odd dollar jar of honey.  Manuka.  Manuka, anyone?  Anyone?  K, that’s what I thought.  I first was intrigued by it after reading’s blog on the subject.  LOVE her blog.  She is a running mom to the ‘nth degree, y’all.  So, she talked about this great jar of honey that is super-pricey.  Well, she was right!  Then, I read about it somewhere shortly after.  Well, my interest was piqued.  Is that spelled right?  So, I bought it.  I ate a teaspoon full.  OMG.  Talk about good.  I could have just poured the whole jar down my throat.  It isn’t clear, like non-New-Zealand honey is…it’s opaque.  Just beautiful.  Tastes fabulous.  But I think there are very healthful benefits to this honey.  I bought this honey with my own money.  So, I pretty much don’t feel bad about hiding it.  It’s hidden like ET was in the kids’ closet amongst the stuffed animals.  No, I don’t have stuffed animals in my closet.  But I do have a really great walk-in pantry with oodles of spices, seasonings, etc.  so, I popped that baby back there.  Hubs is part bear.  Truly.  Loves honey.  He would risk getting stung if he thought he could get to a hive.  He LOVES salmon.  Rare.  Really rare.  Like fleshy.  Mostly, he loves the skin of the salmon.  I crisp it up in a pan with Bragg’s Amino Acids…what?  You don’t know what that is?  Honey!  No, that Minuka honey.  YOU, honey.  Check it out. It is like healthy soy sauce, but not as salty and pungent.  Really good.  And good for you.  I add splashes to everything.  Salad dressings, etc.  You don’t buy bottled dressings, do you?  That’s a whole ‘nother blog entry.  Late in the day, but worthy to be blogged. 

So, I guess time will tell about the Minuka.  I’m sure I’ll end up sharing with hubs.  I just feel like I’m doing a little test run.  Then, I can tell him what I found to be true about it.  Right?  Right??  Right!  Sure!

Peace, y’all.  Thank God for something.  Anything!  That you are alive and breathing and reading these words!  Hey, dude, it’s a start.  🙂

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