Universe aligned.


Sometimes things just fit.  They just WORK.  I love when that happens.  I guess I appreciate those times so much because they don’t come along that often.  But sometimes, I am just whacked between the eyes with a moment of planetary alignment.  Girls are out of school this whole week, which is a wonderful blessing.  I love having days with them where we just go with it.  Whatever.  Dude.  They have been running errands with me for most of the afternoon and now we are home.  They eagerly got into soccer attire for practice, even though practice is a ways off.  I am amused at anyone who would willingly put on shinguards and cleats and socks way earlier than necessary.  Smile.  They decided to listen to music in the poolhouse with their i-pods.  I caught a glimpse of my 11-year old, so perfect in her sweet gawkiness.  “What are you looking at?”  “I just love that you and your sister have each other.”  “Me too.  I’m glad I’m not the only one in the family who’s deaf.”  :))))))))))))))  Wow.  Totally not what I was expecting. 

They amaze me.  Every day, those sweet little souls God has entrusted me with amaze me.  Make me nutso sometimes, yes, but today, during planetary alignment, all is right.  Part of our conversation when we first got into the car to run errands focused on what Heaven and hell are really like.  Souls only?  Bodies?  Chance of escape?  “Living” conditions?  Amazing.  The way they think.  They way they so beautifully accept God for God with all the love he has to offer.  “When is God’s birthday?”  “Baby, God doesn’t have a birthday.  He IS.”  “What?”  “He IS.”  And He IS, right?  He is the beginning, the end, and all the gloriousness in between.  “Are you gonna miss beer?”  “No, I won’t.  Lent is a great time to push ourselves.  Lean into God.  Hard.  Make some noise.”  “I’m not gonna miss Coke, then.” 

Sweet lessons, little and big, all around. 

Ran this a.m. – really blistered it, for all intents and purposes.  I gave my ankle a pretty good trial run on a treadmill 5K.  After 500 KM’s, I figured I might be able to squeeze out some speedwork, even if only at 100 KMs at a time.  100 @ 7mph; 100 @ 8 mph, 100 @ 6 mph, 7, 8, 6, and so on.  After being on 7, it felt so good.  Knees moving forward, no ankle pain, easy breathing.  I could do this all day!  So, I kept it at 7 until the last 1000 + KMs and then I ventured into 8 & 9 mph territory, finally finishing my 5K at 26:44.  Not bad for not having run great for over a week.

During that run, though, I had an attitude of defeat, for a moment.  Stuff like that doesn’t last in my head for longer than :15 seconds!  But, during those 15 seconds :), I got my head in check and knew that God was at the forefront, anyway.  He’s awesome.  He doesn’t offer failure.  He offers Himself.  Then it’s our choice.  I chose to press in.  Hard.  “Okay, God, let’s do this thing!”  And the whole time, my body was still the same 43-year old body.  Just pushing along.  But, my head was different.  I wasn’t backing down off my pace.  Sweat was pouring, I was cooking, and it felt great. 

Running is important to me, very important to me.  It’s my own personal yardstick.  It helps me stay centered and tackle everything else that comes my way.  I think God likes it, too, cuz I’ve told Him dozens of times, if He wants me to run the way I do, He’s gotta be my personal trainer.  He’s awesome.  24/7/365 and FREE.  And only wants goodness for us. 

My kids’ yardstick is this, or so I tell them…if it’s good, it comes from God, if it isn’t, then it doesn’t.  Yes, I know as a teenager, some “things” seeeeeemmmm good, but we adults know they are not.  So, the next part is:  Would you invite Jesus to do whatever it is you are doing?  Yes?  Then good.  No?  Then stop.  Seriously. 

I give myself an A for yesterday’s Ash Wednesday – fasting.  I can honestly say, as an adult, it was my most obedient Ash Wednesday ever.  I’ve prayed for that kind of start to Lent for several years, but this was the first year I started the way I wanted.  Hubs was the naysayer, but I stuck to my Lenten guns.   ‘we’re not in arabia’ ‘i wasn’t raised like that’ so on & so forth…but, it was important to ME.  Being obedient to God can come in many different forms.  I’m happy I didn’t drop the ball!

So, today is going well and I am grateful.

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