One of those days…


This has been one of those days…a WONDERFUL, productive day.  I wondererd about it too, early, because I didn’t get a good night’s sleep and woke up feeling very female-ey.  Get the picture?  Yeah. backache.  cramps.  So, having such low expectations and then having this amazing day is really a wonderful blessing.  I even made up my sit-ups from yesterday that I didn’t do because I ATE TOO MUCH and drank too much fluid!  I couldn’t imagine that steep incline…but today, I did it.  25 without my medicine ball, 25 with.  Felt very empowered after cuz my shoulders look good.  dang good. 

almost walked on treadmill, but realized God’s treadmill outside is WAY more beautiful and inviting.  So, I put on my ugly sketcher fitness shoes, velcroed my thumb weights, cranked up some Jack Johnson and power walked to the gate and back. 

to further awesome-up this day, i spent a solid hour in prayer in the adoration chapel at our boys’ high school.  it’s always a great experience; how could it not be, y’all?  i mean, really, God is THERE.  taking that time out is such an important part of my life.  it is the core of my life.  my mom always told me to put God first.  i never knew what she meant.  i wish she would have told me so that i could have tried harder sooner!  but i know now.  and i have been on this path for years, thank you God.  it still amazes me.  my relationship with God became immensely better when i found out i was pregnant with my son.  i recollect the moment of reality.  with alex, it was different.  terror was involved.  fear of loss of life was definitely involved.  so, with my son, i was able to focus on the beauty of what was happening more than focusing on not getting my tail kicked.  i knew my purpose.  i loved knowing.  i’ve never been the same.  i was still at times, pulled off course by the devil himself, but he didn’t win.  God did.  i have felt God’s hands take my face, turn it up to Him, and refresh my spirit.  “Look at Me,” He tells me, “Keep your eyes on Me.”  So i do.  He repeatedly ignites my desire to be obedient to Him no matter what crud gets dropped into my day. 

so, i think some days i feel more strongly that i exist in the palm of His hand.  today is one of those days. 

and, this, i know with every fiber of my being:  any space that we perceive to be empty space in our hearts, can ONLY be filled by Him.  i don’t even think it’s empty space.  i think we simply perceive it as such because we are not doing all we should be doing in our prayer lives or our relationship with God.  either way, my heart feels fullest when i keep my face up toward Him.

may the peace of our Lord be with each of you…

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