bittersweet.  like chocolate, my favorite kind.  hits the mouth with this amazing intensity and smoothness. 

friday was this way for me…bittersweet.  more sweet than bitter, thank you very much.  had to order corsage for my son’s homecoming date.  realized florist had all my info in computer already and that this is the last homecoming corsage i will be ordering on his behalf.  bitter.  he is a beautiful person, with one of the best spirits i’ve ever encountered.  sweet.

picked up his clothes from alterations.  same.

went to J&R Educational Supply.  phenomenal place.  love it.  became my mecca when girls were first able hear with their implants.  went there yesterday for a couple of birthday ideas for them.  i walked through the same aisles, though with a different set of eyes now, and looked at the things that meant the world to me just a couple of years ago — simple rhyming cards and games, vocabulary flash cards (chicken, monkey, fire truck), always after whatever could help prolong their love of learning as we made our way through auditory verbal therapy…they are past those things now.  bitter.  found a cool Math Shark game for my daughter and sidewalk chalk for both of them.  sweet.

both of my daughters have a love of reading.  always sweet.  they bought booklights at the book fair.  book fair.  most things that aren’t books are CHEAP.  book fair lights broke within 12-48 hours of purchase.  cheap.  so, i found 2 nice ones for them.  sweet. then as i looked for books they would like i spotted junie b. jones.  ohhhh….they loooooved junie b.  5th grader took tremendous pleasure in saying, ‘stupid smelly bus.  stupid.  smelly bus.’  stupid, of course, being a ‘bad’ word that we don’t say.  hey, it’s literature, folks…so, i longingly picked up the first boxed set, remembering how many times my girls have been through these, with me and without me…bitter.  they have passed these.  now, unbeknownst to 5th grader, i have hidden the entire Harry Potter boxed set, books one through seven, hardbound, in my closet, to be hers on her birthday.  she will love it, no doubt.  sweet.

football last night.  watched my amazing step-son on the field doing one of the things he loves so much, playing football.  he is so good at it and puts his whole heart into it.  as i watched him at the end of the game, i realized it was his last home game as a junior.  bitter.  i was fortunate enough to stay to the very end; we usually leave in the 4th quarter.  so, i was able to speak with him after.  this huge kid, drenched in sweat, all 200+ pounds, 6 feet of him, thanked me for coming to his game.  are you kidding?  he’s like that.  you’ll never forget meeting him.  i’m so lucky to have him in our family.  sweet.  he’ll be back on that field as a senior, his final step of high school.  bitter.  he’s going to do great things.  sweet.  very sweet.  he deserves all the success that waits for him.  sweet.

so, i guess yesterday was a bit of a mommy-rollercoaster for me.  i ran, intending on doing 5+, but my quads were heavy after the previous day’s ten.  so i ran 3.5 and rode my bike 3.  achy quads.  sweet.  i am strong.  capable.  could run a full marathon on 15 minutes notice.  very sweet.  God has blessed me in amazing ways and i thank him for it all.  my life is full and will continue to be lived for His glory.  I know that when I make time for Him FIRST, everything else works out better than i could have ever expected.

i still miss our school, but i won’t squirt lemons into my eyes 😉 i’ll definitely make lemonade…God knows our hearts, all of our hearts, even when we think our deepest desires are our own, they are not.  He knows those too.  That’s why I love laying it out there for Him.  He works best through us when we totally submit to Him.  I know.  Not an easy concept.  Bittersweet.  Way more sweet in the end, y’all.

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