wow.  floors, walls, sheetrock, all DONE!!!  Even hooked up my computer to the internet with the help of my son!  So happy to see my screen full-sized!  Furniture back.  Still in a huge amount of disarray, but at least the worst part is over and we are moving toward a more normal existance. 

Between my ears?  Well, that’s another issue;)  Still doing what I know is right.  Still praying, praying, and praying.  God has just started waking me up 10 minutes before my alarm goes off just for me to pray.  He, like me, recognizes that the important things in the day should be done the earliest!  And me, like me, trying to multi-task, almost attempted saying the rosary while I ran.  Bad idea.  On so many fronts.  I realized very fast that it wasn’t the most meditative, prayerful situation.  Don’t wanna disgrace Mamma Mia!  Wow.  Anywho, I feel in exile, and a little numb.  And a lot unmotivated.  Not a fun place to be.  Especially for a mom.  Especially for a mom who plans to run two marathons – December and January.  Come on, motivation!  I am continually trying to get out there and keep my legs turning over, simply at this point, for the sake of the “hardware” part of running.  Gotta keep the kicks slappin the asphalt!  But my heart feels really heavy and that infects my leg turnover.  So, I try.  And try again.  I know God’s with me.  Always.  I rely so heavily upon that.  My sweet hubby admonished me this morning for saying the rosary within 20 minutes of me admonishing my 9 year old.  How could you pick that up and pray after being mean?  Jesus wasn’t sent to this world to heal the well, right? 

Anywho, I’m still here.  And will continue to be here.  Gotta get in gear…in more ways than one!  Peace, y’all.

About southernrunningmom

Contact me like this: Via FaceBook - Mary Broussard, Certified Health Coach (feel free to private message me) or e-mail me - southernholistichealth@gmail.com. I am also on Twitter - MaryBob143. Instagram - Southern Running Mom...peace out. I keep my original profile details up because...well, that was my truth back then. Today, I'm much different. And busy. So, I'll update the About Me section very soon. Meanwhile, my tags would be: recovery, AA, 12 Steps, honesty, abuse, recognizing narcissism. Any who, thanks for reading this far. Mom with great husband & family...I totally love running, cooking, gardening...

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