still.  just can’t shake the feeling of not belonging at the new school.  i get an a+ for keeping my stuff under wraps.  after all, it’s the girls who are there; i want it to be good for them.  5th grader told me last night, among other things she misses, she misses the hard work she did with all the girls!  those girls learned!  there was not a moment wasted in their day.  it just seems like they have taken a step back.  i keep reminding myself that we are still in august, but i believe that when we lower the bar, for kids or ourselves, we lower ourselves and our abilities to do what we are truly capable of.  so, with that in mind, me and the girls will be doing some extra work.  in fact, i am going to order some workbooks to keep them up with what they are capable of learning.  bright spot.

have to share.  things like this don’t happen for us not to share:  me.  doing the dishes saturday evening.  quiet.  alone in kitchen.  for about 2-3 seconds, had the most heavenly scent of roses!  stopped me immediately.  no one there.  still just me.  even grabbed my dish detergent.  nope.  citrus!  this was the most glorious fragrance you can imagine.  it was Mary.  i know she was letting me know that my prayers are indeed being heard.  i thanked her. 

in the words of my 5th grader’s closing on her paragraph, “I am trying to do what God wants me to do at my new school.”  what a sweet little saint in training. 

still packing.  still running.  ran crazy fast last night with girls on their bikes.  felt like no humidity.  the sun was going down and it was just divine.

Lord, help us.  Peace.

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